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Two Out Of Five, For Now

This is a real estate blog, not political, but legislation gets passed that affects real estate decision-making.

Here is what the HW said we can expect from the new HofR:

But let’s go back to the tax reform passed in December.

Nobody has brought this up yet, so I’m just speculating.

The original proposal was to change the 2-out-of-5-year residency requirement to five out of the last eight years in order to get up to $500,000 tax-free profit.

This provision was conceded, and all the talk centered around the lowering of the MID and the limits on the SALT deductions.

But when the final bill was passed, they didn’t change the residency requirement to the five-out-of-eight version.  It is still the two-out-of-five requirement today.

If the Democrat-led House of Representatives decides to re-visit the tax reform, there will be a lot of yelling and screaming.  But if they cut deals in the end to pacify everyone, it’s the five-out-of-eight requirement could be one of the concessions – because there wasn’t any resistance to the change last time.

It won’t matter to long-time homeowners, but for those who purchased in the last 2-3 years and were thinking of moving up or out with tax-free profit, this could hamper the plan.

Thinking of selling now, just in case?  Contact Jim the Realtor!

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Red-team Fake Refresh

Tom saw that Stewart had a new banner on Redfin, and he wondered if I refreshed the listing on the MLS.  I didn’t, and when I checked, the other listings nearby that have been active for months had the same look:

Buyers are probably smart enough to figure it out.  But in case it brings more eyeballs, we lowered the price to $989,000 and we’ll have open house 12-3 on Sunday!  Three other listings within a couple of blocks of us went pending in the last week, so it’s been hopping in South O!



The same thing happened to Richard, so maybe it is system wide?

He also dropped the price, ($1,299,000) and NO OPEN HOUSE – PENDING!:

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Selling Your Home in 2019

We have a fundamental problem in the housing market – how it works today.

New listings are distributed within minutes these days, and waiting buyers are on the edge of their seat.  Those who were already frustrated with high prices, higher rates, and coming soons want to get it over with and buy now – and they either jump immediately on the good ones, or they swipe to the next offering.

The graph above show the Zillow views of my one-story listing in La Costa Ridge.  Look how quickly the interest fell off.  The bump on Day 9 was when we lowered the price $100,000, and literally by the next day it was old news.

What’s the problem?

Sellers are unaware.

Once they figure it out, it is natural to resist, and the real estate industry makes no attempt to educate sellers on this dilemma.  Maybe agents aren’t aware either, or are uncertain what to make of it?

It doesn’t matter when prices are rising – sellers can just wait until the market catches up with their price, which has been the preferred method forever. But in a stalled/stagnant/soft market, prices aren’t coming to meet you – and they might be going to other way.  It could be years before they do catch up.

We expect selling a house to be like every other job – put in a good effort for weeks or months, and at the end we will have success.

But selling a house in this environment gets more-frustrating/less-rewarding with the longer it goes on.

Will sellers resist the temptation to add a little extra to their list price, and instead employ sharp pricing to sell early and for a higher amount?

They should, because buyers are dying to beat down the prices of the stale old listings, and their pricing expectations will be dropping far faster than sellers.  It will get harder and harder to put deals together on the older listings.

It’s simply an educational thing for the new market conditions – if you price your home to sit, not sell, you will be sitting much longer than before!

Get Good Help!

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812 Clicks

I only put this on here because I want you to learn with me, side-by-side.

I spent a couple of bucks on a Facebook ad, and got 812 clicks.

Buyers are interested!

There is a demand right below the surface, and a property that looks under market will get hundreds of buyers to respond. Hire me to handle!

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La Costa Fixer w/Granny Flat

For those who want to build out a project your way, have I got a deal for you!

The architect drew up plans for a 3br/3.5ba house plus a 1br/1ba granny flat, and they just needs the finishing touches. Last sale nearby was 7503 Solano St for $975,000 in June.

Will not qualify for conventional financing – no kitchen or baths currently:

Youtube walking tour here:

The address is 7516 Brava St., Carlsbad, listed for $699,000.

Call or text Jim today! (858) 997-3801

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Open House Report

My wife Donna has been the unsung hero behind the scenes all these years.

But with Kayla’s departure, we have the marketing duties being absorbed by Compass support staff, and Donna sliding into KK’s shoes as a frontline realtor on top of all the regular things she does to help get escrows closed.

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Modern Farmhouse Open 12-3

We’re having open house 12-3pm Saturday and Sunday to find the buyer, and to keep the pressure on those who have seen it, and may be lurking (in case they’re thinking that waiting longer might mean a better price).

Relentless activity keeps the buyers hopping!

A week ago, the Red team’s estimate was $1,040,313, much like the list price:

After a flurry of hits on their website, they called it a Hot Home, and raised their estimate to $1,055,196.  But then we lowered the price to $999,000:

Conveniently, after we lowered the price, they dropped their estimate by $70,458 in three days, and is now is within $239 of the zestimate:

We can put to rest any question about how they determine their estimates – they just mirror the list prices.

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Aggressive Pricing

Tom feels the way I do – lower the price early, while urgency is in play.

Redfin raised their estimate for a third time, now at $1,055,196, so our new $999,000 list price looks very compelling!  I expect Redfin will lower their estimate shortly.

This is from Friday morning – their estimate was $1,040,313:

This was the zestimate on Sunday – it is the same today:

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