Changing Blog Hosts Today

With the additional internet usage caused by the coronavirus, you may have noticed some sluggishness here at the blog.  I have been on a shared-hosting account, where shares a server with other websites.

Today we are migrating to a dedicated hosting account at BlueHost where we have our own server:

Dedicated hosting eliminates the problems that go along with shared hosting. Since no other sites are sharing the server, there’s no risk of exposure to malware, viruses, or other problems from neighboring sites. And that also means all the dedicated server’s resources become available at all times, which enhances site speed and improves stability.

My previous technician in Ireland referred me to Jozef, who lives in Spain, and he has been doing my blog tune-ups over the last year or so.  He is managing today’s migration – thanks Jozef!

Best 12 Real Estate Blogs

Somehow I got on another list of real estate blogs, which I appreciate – but maybe there are only 12 left?

The author has been a realtor in Killeen, Texas, but in April went to work for Zillow’s ibuyer division:

Two Comments:

The #1 blog is run by a ReMax agent in Massachusetts. The example given is his post on the Top Lies Real Estate Agents Tell Home Sellers to Get a Listing.

He puts open houses on his list, due to the risk of theft, and that any buyer who want to see the home will do it by appointment too, making open houses unnecessary. A couple of realtors objected in his comment section, and he berated them for some reason.

The only time I’ve had a theft at an open house was in 2003 when we lost a Vicodin perscrption in Solana Beach.  I’ve done hundreds of open houses since, and never had a problem.  The big benefit I experience is having the Fear of Loss kick in with the attendees, which makes them hurry up and make an offer – and usually a better one at that, so they don’t lose it.

The other point was that he put me on the B2B list, suggesting my blog is tailored to agents?

His site,, features more than just real estate blog posts. He frequently talks about the big picture stuff going on in real estate, and brings a refreshing and analytical approach.

I’d love to get feedback on whether the content here is too focused on agents.  I think I talk about what agents do in order to help educate consumers, but if it comes off as too much agent stuff, I’d like to know it.

I work in a vacuum here! Help me out if you can.

Bubbleinfo New Design

The only designer we’ve had at, Stefanie Fontecha, has updated our look!

The internet age is fascinating. Even though Stefanie has been a critical member of the Bubbleinfo team over the last ten years, I’ve never met her, and we’ve never spoken live.  I just know her by emails, and the image above!

She designs all types of websites, and has a real-estate specific division.

If you happen to be the market for a new website, click here to see her work:

She is still editing the new site here, so there may be some disruptions.  But in the end, we’re hoping to be faster.  She is “optimizing the site for speed”, and though I don’t know exactly what that means, I like the sound of it!

Bubbleinfo 2018

What a year – thanks for being here!

We had twice as many unique users back in the REO days, so I’m glad the 2018 count was fairly steady compared to last year:



Bubbleinfo 2018 blog posts: 974

Bubbleinfo TV JimtheRealtor YouTube videos: 110

Bubbleinfo Plans for 2019:

  • New look for the blog
  • More listings
  • More contests
  • More interviews
  • Documentary-film premiere

I appreciate you being here – stay tuned!

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