Best 12 Real Estate Blogs

Somehow I got on another list of real estate blogs, which I appreciate – but maybe there are only 12 left?

The author has been a realtor in Killeen, Texas, but in April went to work for Zillow’s ibuyer division:

Two Comments:

The #1 blog is run by a ReMax agent in Massachusetts. The example given is his post on the Top Lies Real Estate Agents Tell Home Sellers to Get a Listing.

He puts open houses on his list, due to the risk of theft, and that any buyer who want to see the home will do it by appointment too, making open houses unnecessary. A couple of realtors objected in his comment section, and he berated them for some reason.

The only time I’ve had a theft at an open house was in 2003 when we lost a Vicodin perscrption in Solana Beach.  I’ve done hundreds of open houses since, and never had a problem.  The big benefit I experience is having the Fear of Loss kick in with the attendees, which makes them hurry up and make an offer – and usually a better one at that, so they don’t lose it.

The other point was that he put me on the B2B list, suggesting my blog is tailored to agents?

His site,, features more than just real estate blog posts. He frequently talks about the big picture stuff going on in real estate, and brings a refreshing and analytical approach.

I’d love to get feedback on whether the content here is too focused on agents.  I think I talk about what agents do in order to help educate consumers, but if it comes off as too much agent stuff, I’d like to know it.

I work in a vacuum here! Help me out if you can.

Bubbleinfo New Design

The only designer we’ve had at, Stefanie Fontecha, has updated our look!

The internet age is fascinating. Even though Stefanie has been a critical member of the Bubbleinfo team over the last ten years, I’ve never met her, and we’ve never spoken live.  I just know her by emails, and the image above!

She designs all types of websites, and has a real-estate specific division.

If you happen to be the market for a new website, click here to see her work:

She is still editing the new site here, so there may be some disruptions.  But in the end, we’re hoping to be faster.  She is “optimizing the site for speed”, and though I don’t know exactly what that means, I like the sound of it!

Bubbleinfo 2018

What a year – thanks for being here!

We had twice as many unique users back in the REO days, so I’m glad the 2018 count was fairly steady compared to last year:



Bubbleinfo 2018 blog posts: 974

Bubbleinfo TV JimtheRealtor YouTube videos: 110

Bubbleinfo Plans for 2019:

  • New look for the blog
  • More listings
  • More contests
  • More interviews
  • Documentary-film premiere

I appreciate you being here – stay tuned!

Turkey Talk

We hope you enjoy a fantastic day with your families on Thanksgiving!

If you are sitting around the dinner table and real estate comes up, have your family and friends plug into this part-time blogger – it’s easy!

The Bubbleinfo mobile app is available at the App Store and Google Play, and I fixed them so you can now leave blog comments via the mobile app too.

All blog posts can be seen on Facebook too:

The twitter account doesn’t include every blog post, but I re-tweet other pertinent real estate topics.  Those can also been seen in the right-hand column here too >>>.


I appreciate you being here – Happy Thanksgiving!

My 7,500th Blog Post

I started this blog on a Saturday morning in September, 2005 with a free account on Squarespace.  Donna said, “Just don’t spend too much time on it”.

I don’t know how many blog posts were on the Squarespace account – a few hundred – but this is the 7,500 blog post since I switched to WordPress.

Other stats:

7,500 Blog posts

62,021 Blog comments

1,019,432 Visitors in the last ten years (including bots)

8,450 Tweets

2,588 YouTubes

2,215,275 YouTube views:

(the Watch time didn’t start until 2012)

The transition from a foreclosure-video website to a general real estate format has been challenging, and I’m thankful to have an audience.

I appreciate you being here!

Thank you to those who comment – you add texture and perspective to the content that makes it much more valuable to all readers.  Hat tip to Gary (daytrip) who has supplied much/most of the outside content and colorful commentary – and I only use about half of each!

There are no ads here, and no paid blog posts by outsiders.  I try to keep the blog focused on the most relevant, useful topics of the day to assist the reader with their real estate education.  I want to be your realtor – what you see here is just a sample of what I can do to help you.  I appreciate the blog readers who have allowed me to help them buy and sell houses – THANK YOU!

Monthly blog views:

Susie’s Move

Our long-time reader (and California transplant) Susie is moving into a new home in Boise, Idaho.  She has been preparing to put her current Boise home on the market, and expected the RV garage would help propel the sale.

Here is her report:

Sales have slowed here (How could they not?) but still only 1.2 months of inventory.  Putting my home on market for $399,900. Comp across the street went pending at $428,900. ( New 4/2.5, 2,250 SF with bay RV garage).

I only have 1,971 SF. My agent Luke said from $399,900 to $415k, up to me. I should be only single level w/40-ft RV garage on market. Eleven on market comparable.  Hoping for multiple offers, (always on my RE bucket list), but w/ kids already back at school,  I dunno.

The results:

1. Listed house Friday for $399,900.

2. 1st showing that night: 7-7:30 pm.

3. 2nd showing scheduled for Monday afternoon as they left town for holiday.

4. My agent Luke asked if Sunday showing was ok as they came home early.

5. My beloved neighbors said we could hang out in their backyard next door during showings as Moosh (my cat) gets sick in cars.

6. Sunday showing lasted from 5:30-6:30 pm.

7. Luke called yesterday morning: “You called it! Offer came in!”

8. Luke said he’s never had it happen this quick with only the second showing  (100’s of transactions).

9. Ridiculously clean offer: List price, no contingencies.

10. We move to new home October 5th.

The photographs were stunning, and I staged it as well as I could.

Sometimes life works out perfectly, just as you projected. 🙂

She wanted to have a smooth transition and not have to worry about a softer market – and she had her price reflect it!

Klinge Realty Powered By Compass

When I first started selling homes, most brokerages were mom & pop offices on the local corner.  Man, how times have changed.

Now, venture capital is flooding the industry, and some outsiders flush with cash are trying to convince you that cheaper is better – without describing the services provided, other than to call it ‘full service’, making it sound sufficient.

Consumers deserve a legitimate full-service option.

They deserve the option to choose a company who hires full-service agents and then supports them with modern, high-tech resources to deliver an unparalleled consumer experience.

Compass is committed to full-service realtors – and is working with $800 million in venture capital to build the team, and provide the high-tech support.

Starting today, we are affiliating with Compass to improve our services and build our presence using their agent resources.

I did not sell my company to Compass; instead we are a branch office with our same address, phone numbers, blog, etc.

The reasons:

  1. The Compass resources will help us expand and better define our services.
  2. Having a luxury brand name will help me attract new clients who are unfamiliar with us.
  3. We want to grow as a team, and being affiliated with Compass will help us attract better people.
  4. With Kayla moving to NYC, I’m hoping that the marketing support from Compass will help bridge the gap.
  5. I want plenty of distance between me and the discounters – not sure I’ll get that without a bigger and better corporate presence backed with VC.

Compass is backed by Goldman Sachs, SoftBank and others, and is hiring full-service realtors and brokerages throughout the country.  The goal is to have 20% market share in the top 20 cities by 2020.

My ultimate goal has always been to create a full-service brokerage that the kids can take over.  Teaming up with Compass looks like the best way to improve our brand and build a practice for the future!

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