La Costa Oaks Update

This house for sale is down the street from the one I sold in October, 2022 for $2,250,000 and I said then that I didn’t think another home would sell in this neighborhood for less than $2,000,000. None have closed under $2M since then, and the last two sales were both closed in July at $2,125,000 for a Centex, not Davidson home that backed to the power lines and $2,444,000 across the street from this one.

Oceanfront Development Opp

This location is ideal because it’s right at the end of Carlsbad Village Drive and the closest you can get to the village. There have been three houses sell on this street for more than $10,000,000 – shouldn’t a brand-new house sell for close to that? Build three here!

Leucadia Casual

A mini-ranch in Leucadia just sold for a little over the list price. Calling this a four bedroom is a stretch, but it had enough funky-cool to be an eclectic dream home for someone. Another all-cash buy too.

Follow Ups

Let’s follow up on some of the featured homes for sale!

Laker Joe listed a 1,271sf house in east Oceanside for $800,000, and he received 25 offers! Four of them went over $900,000, and it closed for $950,000!

Why is it so hot in Oceanside? It’s because the last time a regular house sold for less than a million dollars between La Jolla and Carlsbad was late 2022!

The Encinitas attached home on Vulcan across the street from the train tracks is closing today for $1,870,000 ($71,000 over list).

The decked-out house near Aviara that listed for $3,195,000 had dropped their price to $2,995,000 after three weeks. It sold for full price eight days later!

The La Costa Oaks house that backed to the six-lane RSF Road sold for full price, $2,250,000:

The newer and very nice one-story in Alta Del Mar in CV sold for full price, $4,750,000:

The one-story on 1.3 acres in Del Mar Mesa sold for $5,800,000, just $50,000 under the list price:

Kelly’s listing of a Cardiff attached home with big view closed for $165,000 over list:

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