Aviara One-Story Video Tour

There is a mystery foot in the beginning of the interior tour in this video, and it would be a good time to acknowledge the difference made by my wife Donna.

We knew on Saturday that our client’s purchase offer was accepted, contingent upon this house selling. Between Monday and Thursday night, Donna got the home carpeted, painted, and staged by her favorite vendors – people who regularly drop everything to help her out.  It is a testimony to how well she has nurtured her relationships with them over the years, and when she needs a favor, she can get one!

More Open Houses

It seems like there are open-house signs on every corner now.

Some may think that it’s a sign of trouble, but recognize that it’s realtor training in progress.

The industry is dominated by realtor teams now.  Their leaders send out the trainees to do open house every Saturday and Sunday, even though the chance of selling the open house that day is close to zero.

They do it to pick up new buyer prospects.

Attendees are told that the seller insists that everyone registers their contact information, and they are rather insistent about it.  The information is then used by the trainees who call you until you buy or die.

They will also be practicing their closing line, “Do you have any questions?”

If you want to see how they are doing with their training, respond with, “Can I buy this for 10% off?”

Open House Wrap

Huge turnout for my open house – more than 70 people!

There were four open houses in the neighborhood each day, so the buyers were able to make plenty of comparisons. My guess? The two homes offering the best values will sell this week!

Avoiding A Price War

My new listing at 3534 Avenida Sierra, priced at $1,395,000, is one of six for sale in Lomas Serenas – four of which have listed in the last week.  When you have a competition like this, you want to be the first one to sell and avoid a potential price war which could erupt in 30-60 days if the market doesn’t respond.

We will be back for open house today, 12-3pm!

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