First LCV Listing of 2024

La Costa Valley (1,073 single-family homes) Annual Sales:

The new rule about getting profits tax-free went into effect in 1997, and it motivated people to move! The sales history of this house is an example of how it used to be – make a little money and be on your way:

But over the last 10-12 years, people stopped moving so much. Any of the original LCV homeowners were already empty-nesting, so it wasn’t the kids that kept them from moving. Rates were coming down a bit, and refinancing made it a little more affordable – and there wasn’t anywhere else to move locally that was better than what they had already.

Some may have thought that the 2007 buyer got left holding the bag. But he’s now listed for $2,085,000!

La Costa Oaks One-Story

The crime of the century was committed at this house. At the end of 2021, the listing agent priced this house at $1,799,000, and then spooned it over to her flipper buddy for $1,650,000 without putting it on the open market. TWO MONTHS LATER, the flipper listed it for $2,895,000 and these sellers paid $3,250,000 in February 2022! Then they listed it for $3,299,000 last month and got it.


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