Open Houses Are Complete

We have three more showings today and then almost 200 people will have seen the house since Friday! Next we will engage in open bidding by phone with all interested parties and let the MARKET decide the winner, not the listing agent (which is how everyone else does it).

Here’s a buyer-agent strategy that can be really effective, especially with weaker listing agents:

Saturday Report

There’s nothing wrong with a normal market – just because it’s not as insane everywhere as it was six months ago doesn’t mean it’s not a steady strong regular market that benefits everyone:

Offer Accepted; Cancel Open Houses

Two reasons to cancel open house if an offer gets accepted that day (which locks the seller to this buyer):

1) Buyer’s remorse sets in immediately, so it keeps the buyers happier because I’m committing to them and they don’t feel like I’m shopping their deal around, and

2) Keeps open house attendees from resenting the tease of seeing the house but not being able to buy it.

It is sensitive, and I can see why many agents go ahead with their open houses in order to get more leads and potentially a backup offer – but they risk tipping over the buyers. We already saw how easy the last buyers cancelled, so I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot.

New Covid Form for Open Houses

FreedomCM asked if people who attend the open house have to self-certify that they have been vaccinated.  This is the new form (above), which – like the previous form – just wants you to state that you don’t think you have the bug.

It is a thinly-disguised way for the agent to get your phone/email, and then contact you until you buy or die.  It doesn’t state that you have to divulge your phone/email, and if the agent insists and you don’t want them to bug you, then give them this number: 704-482-0022.

One of the crazy things that have happened since running this blog occured last year when I posted a copy of the original covid form for all to see. A lady in Northern California (who wasn’t an agent) came across it and began using it to schedule appointments to see houses for sale!  My name was at the bottom, and a listing agent called to see if this person worked for me. I’ll delete this in a couple of days!


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