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Bubbleinfo on Facebook Live

My first attempt at Facebook Live, with no warm-up.

I’ll hold the phone horizontally next time, and shoot the video out the back of the phone because this view is reversed (be patient, it rolls out slowly here):

Jim the Realtor on market conditions

Posted by on Thursday, August 3, 2017

If you want to follow, here is the link to the Bubbleinfo Facebook page:

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RSF Open House Today 12-3pm

Kayla and I will be at 7060 Via Del Charro today 12-3pm!

An authentic California Ranch on 2.79 acres in horse country! Park-like estate with a stunning single-level main house that was redesigned and extensively upgraded in 2009 – it’s like a new house! The wide-open floor plan features wood-beam ceilings, wide-plank real hardwood floors, and several sets of french doors! Pool/spa, 3-car garage, TWO detached guest houses (perfect for multi-gen), tennis court, RSF schools, & no HOA!  The master suite was highly upgraded in 2016 with new steam shower, jacuzzi tub, and walk-in closet! On sewer too! Plenty of room for horse facilities with trails nearby. $2,750,000


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Move While You Are Younger

There are already people who have decided to buy and/or sell this year, and to those folks I’ll say in advance – congratulations, and I’d like to help you!

I’d like to reach out those who are thinking of putting off the move for another month or year.

Here are reasons why you should re-consider:

  1. The actual moving is mentally and physically taxing.  Even if you have plenty of family to help sort through the junk and pack everything up, you will want to have a say in many of the decisions.
  2.  Moving to a new home almost always means getting accustomed to a new home, area, amenities, and basic things to live.  You want to be on top of your game to endure that many changes.
  3.  People are buying one-story homes in advance because of the lack of supply and the pressure on pricing – demand is heavy, and supply is light!
  4.  The current administration could mess with the tax law, and tweak the $500,000 tax-free profit you have coming from your home sale.
  5.  The move is very likely to be more difficult than you think!

Recently, I had a widow move to a retirement facility after her husband had passed away (she was younger).  We lamented that if they would have moved together, he would have loved the new place, and she would have had a network of friends already built by the time he passed.

If you are getting up in years, and know that you have at least one more move in you before you’re done, don’t wait too long.  Seventy years old is about the latest anyone should move, and 60 years old is recommended.  You want to enjoy a few years at the new spot!

Don’t wait too long!


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One-Story vs. Two-Story

This tends to be a blog for analytical folks, so let’s further dissect the market stats to assist in making better comparisons and decisions about home buying and selling.

We’ve discussed how the supply and demand for one-story homes is quite different from the staired variety.  Older folks are hanging onto their single-levels so the supply is lower, and with 76 million baby-boomers heading into retirement with bad knees and arthritis, the demand is growing.

Our MLS imposes a cap on the number of listings for research at 650.  So I broke down the numbers below into price categories to help demonstrate the differences in pricing between one-story homes, and not-one-story (two-story, three-story, four-story, split-level, and other):

Pricing of NSDCC Annual Sales Between $1,000,000 – $1,400,000

One-Story Avg $$/sf
Non-One-Story Avg $$/sf

Pricing of NSDCC Annual Sales Between $1,400,000 – $1,800,000

One-Story Avg $$/sf
Non-One-Story Avg $$/sf

It’s probably not a big surprise to anyone reading this that one-story homes are more popular. But let’s note two important points:

  1.  One-story homes are carrying the load, statistically – their pricing is appreciating at a steady clip, while the pricing of two-story homes has been flat as a pancake.
  2.  Only use one-story comps to valuate the single-level homes, and likewise, only use two-story comps to put a price on a two-story home.  The pricing of one-story homes is so much higher that, if included in a two-story analysis, they will skew the pricing artificially higher.

Get Good Help!


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