Gentrification is Everywhere

Many will lament the redevelopment of downtown Carlsbad, but it is happening everywhere as big money takes over.  It’s not just the look that’s changing either.

The old Sears at UTC is being completely re-purposed, and new companies that never existed before are coming in to provide services we didn’t even know we needed.

Carmel Valley’s Del Mar Highlands is adding 120,000sf of upscale retail tenants to compete with the One Paseo mixed-use project across the street.  Horton Plaza is getting re-worked, Mission Valley has already transformed, and surely other old parts of town will get upgraded in the near future.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to stop it either.  Let’s make the best of it?

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PHR Modern

The top-of-the-line Pardee tract in Carmel Valley opened this weekend, and they had hundreds of people show up.  The first release had eight homes available, starting in the $1,700,000s, but prices go up quickly from there:

With so many homes being built in Pacific Highlands Ranch, the Solana Beach school district is struggling to catch up.  They need to build a new elementary school, or expand the existing ones.  It looks like they are a little short on funds to build a new school (would they bump the Mello-Roos?), or instead they could bring in more portable classrooms:

Link to school district comparisons

Those spending the first $1.75M to $3.2M will live on Skyglitter Trails:

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