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Category Archive: ‘Leucadia’

Our Coastal Future?

In this image taken from Tuesday, June 10, 2014 video provided by WFAA-TV, a luxury house teeters on a cliff about 75 feet above Lake Whitney in Whitney, Texas. WFAA-TV reported Wednesday, June 11, 2014 that the house has been condemned and the owners evacuated about two weeks ago. Photo:, AP /

Hat tip to daytrip for sending in this cliff-front house on the edge – hopefully someone has a camera on this 24/7!

A luxury house in Texas, perched on a cliff with a spectacular view of Lake Whitney, has started falling into the water. The edge of the 4,000-square-foot  home was dangling about 75 feet above the rocky shoreline after part of it had  already broken off.

Soil and other debris could be seen falling occasionally from the foundation of the home at the 0.46-min mark.

A small sign  reading “Extreme danger. Stay off premises” was placed in the front yard as neighbors looked on helplessly.

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North Leucadia

The two big Pardee tracts in Carmel Valley haven’t disrupted the resale market – instead, with deliveries being so far out, they have probably helped resales which have a more-immediate occupancy.

Leucadia might be different – Shea is building enough new mid-range homes that the resale market might feel it next year.

At this location off Vulcan, Shea is building 39 houses from 2,520sf to 3,041 sf (which hopefully should start under $1,000,000), and 30 townhouses from 1,276sf to 1,575sf.  They decided not to use my suggested Train Track Estates:

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