Sunbreak Ranch

Others including Bill Walton are thinking the Miramar open space would be ideal for housing – an excerpt:

San Diego has the nation’s best year-round weather and ample adjacent federal lands, making it the perfect site for the start of a national solution to homelessness. Sunbreak would soon prove successful in San Diego and could then be quickly replicated up the West Coast and across America.

We need help in three ways to launch the Sunbreak initiative:

1. We need our President and federal government to lease 2,000 acres of MCAS Miramar land to Sunbreak Ranch at $1 per year, and to designate this land as a temporary “federal emergency homeless help zone.” This will eliminate local red tape and opposition.

2. We need our President to deploy the military and security services to build a tent city for Sunbreak Ranch on this site with surplus equipment from the Afghan and Iraq deployments. Our military and security services have the manpower, expertise, and equipment to build out this entire tent city within weeks.

3. The cost of this Sunbreak experiment is minimal compared to the untold tens of billions of dollars currently being spent (to no avail) on homelessness annually.

To prove the viability of Sunbreak, we need significant individual philanthropists or organizations to step up and seed-fund this three-year Sunbreak initiative with up to $275 million.

This funding would include the proviso that when the first Sunbreak Ranch succeeds, the federal government will step in and begin fully funding a ranch outside of every major U.S. metropolitan center that agrees to return to the Rule of Law on their streets.

Homelessness is ultimately a public sector responsibility, but we first need the private sector and philanthropists to illuminate the pathway forward.


Carlsbad Train Redevelopment

As a way to “raise additional revenue and to increase ridership on trains and buses”, the train people started looking for developers last April – their solutions:

Under agreements the board approved Thursday, West Village Partners will build 184 market-rate apartments or townhouses and 50 affordable units on 14.37 acres the transit district owns at the downtown Carlsbad Village Station on State Street.

Affordable housing will make up 27 percent of the Village residential units, well above the city’s minimum requirement of 15 percent. The Village project also will include 17,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, 435 parking spaces, a 110-room boutique hotel, a senior living facility, and 80,000 square feet of office space, according to preliminary plans.

“This location is primed for redevelopment with only a short walk to restaurants, retail and local beaches,” a district staffer said.

The Village station sees an average of 800 patrons daily, with about 600 of those riding the Coaster and 200 using Breeze buses. The Poinsettia station, on Avenida Encinas near Poinsettia Lane in southwest Carlsbad, averages 400 Coaster riders and about 40 bus riders daily.

Raintree Partners was selected for the 11.47-acre Poinsettia Station, which will have 146 market-rate dwellings and 31 affordable units, or 17 percent of the residences. Almost 5 acres of the site will remain undeveloped under a permanent conservation easement.

Both exclusive negotiating agreements are valid for 2.5 years. During that time, the developers will work with district, city and regional officials on final designs, permits, and other issues. Construction is expected to start in 2025 at the Village station and in 2027 at the Poinsettia station.

Just another 234 apartments, a 110-room hotel, senior facility, and ~100 offices in downtown Carlsbad.  You think it’s crowded now? There won’t be any room left for the tourists!

Link to UT Article

Another Desal Plant?

I still haven’t heard anything regarding the development of the Encina Power Plant property…..but there is a new idea for it. The company is also building a device to power your home for 400 years!

Our company ECD Energy Corp is interested in purchasing the NRG property where the Encina smokestack was located. We are interested in building a desalination plant that will provide water to all of Southern California with energy produced by our (soon to be released to the public) electro-kinetic power generation device which does not use any carbon fuel. This would be excellent for the community of San Diego, provide water at a fraction of the cost and revolutionize desalination worldwide-with San Diego as the leader in this new technology. We are a San Diego based company.

See our website at www.ecdenergy.com

Thank You!

Thank you for the tremendous support!  You generously bought 65 pies and donated another $3,300 to the cause. It will allow Mama’s Kitchen to provide 2,017 medically-tailored meals to San Diegans who are vulnerable to malnutrition due to critical illness.

A special thanks to Brian for donating $1,000!

We are eternally grateful for your support.

Mama’s Pies!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  Are your holiday pies handled yet?

Please join us and help make an impact on those in need this holiday season.

Mama’s Kitchen is an organization that delivers meals to homebound individuals vulnerable to malnutrition due to conditions such as HIV, cancer, heart disease, and more. Their primary fundraiser is Mama’s Pies and with the purchase of each pie, they’re able to produce and deliver 12 meals to those in need!

Sales end Nov. 19th or as long as supplies last, so get your orders in ASAP.

To buy pies and/or donate, here’s the information:

1. Visit our selling page: https://mamaspies.org/seller/donna-klinge/
2. Click “Buy or Donate Pies.”
3. Add your desired pies to your cart.
4. Under the “Select a Seller” section, click “Yes” and select “Seller: Jim & Donna Klinge.”
5. Choose your desired pick up location OR under Private, choose “PRKLINGE” to have our team deliver it to your home in San Diego! If choosing delivery, we’ll reach out for your address.
6. Add in any donation amount if you’d like.
7. Put in your payment method and click submit!

Signs of Swingers

Did you know that a garden gnome is a sign that the homeowners are swingers?

They do say no one knows what goes on behind closed doors – but is your neighbor giving out secret clues that they’re a swinger?

Yesterday we told how sales of garden pampas grass have plummeted because it’s believed to be a secret signal that swingers live in the home it belongs to. But it turns out that the exotic plant isn’t the only giveaway that the house’s residents are into liberal sexual practices.

They also cite white landscaping rocks and pink or purple decorations in the front garden as a signal of swinger activity.  Bizarrely, the website identifies pineapples as another swinger signal – in the form of a door knocker. They may look sweet and innocent, but it turns out garden gnomes are a likely indicator that the resident is into swinging too.

Read full article here:


Del Mar Oceanfront Apartments

This 6.9-acre oceanfront site has been called one of the most exclusive and unique properties in the United States, and has been listed for sale since 2007 – the current price is $49,000,000. An incredible turn of events is underway – the planned high-end resort was defeated by the voters, so now they want to put apartments there and are using the state’s mandate for lower-income housing as their leverage. From the UT:

A developer is proposing a 259-unit apartment complex on an ocean bluff in Del Mar that was previously the site of a contentious battle over a resort.

Owner Carol Lazier has submitted paperwork and applications to Del Mar for what is being called Seaside Ridge, which would be the biggest apartment complex in the city. Plans call for 85 subsidized apartments, some for individuals making as little as $30,000 a year, on the nearly 7-acre site near Dog Beach.

Lazier and her partners are betting on new state laws that encourage residential building — especially for rent-restricted apartments — to get the plan approved.

“Our plan would help the City of Del Mar comply with the law by building 259 apartment units,” said project spokesman Darren Pudgil. “Seaside Ridge will provide 78 percent of the city’s need for 54 lower-income units (required by the state) and well over 100 percent of the city’s moderate-income need. This will provide equitable coastal access for a range of income groups.”

Seaside Ridge would have nine buildings, some up to four stories, and a two-story parking podium/garage. Taller buildings are clustered in the center and in the east portions of the site. The development would have 305 parking spots and 25 electric car charging stations. The mix of apartments would include 71 studios, 131 one-bedrooms, 38 two-bedrooms and 19 three-bedrooms. It would also include a trail accessible to the public that leads to views of the ocean.

Lazier, the property owner for around 20 years, previously worked with Zephyr Partners and The Robert Green Company to develop a hotel on the site called Marisol. The effort to get the project approved, called Measure G, was defeated by voters in 2020. A developer has not been selected yet for the apartment project, but Lazier has hired architects, land use experts and lawyers.

Lazier is known for her philanthropy, donating $1 million to save the San Diego Opera in 2014 and other donations.

A legal firm representing the development, Southern California-based Sheppard Mullin, argues Del Mar must approve the plan because it falls under recent laws — namely Senate Bills 330 and 8 — that encourage additional housing and streamline approvals.

The legal claim for Seaside Ridge centers on Del Mar being out of compliance with the state’s Housing Element Law, which requires municipalities to rezone parcels to meet requirements for housing. Seaside Ridge’s law firm also uses a law signed by the governor last year, AB 1398, that requires local governments to approve most housing projects if they are out of compliance. Del Mar has identified the fairgrounds as a possible site for subsidized housing but has yet to approve a firm plan, setting up an opportunity for Seaside Ridge.

While it remains to be seen how lawyers and staff for Del Mar will interpret Seaside Ridge’s legal claims, housing analyst Nathan Moeder said the legal argument for approval makes sense. Moeder, who was not involved in the project but reviewed legal arguments, said it appeared to be an example of a community unable to escape housing requirements imposed by the state.

Moeder said it would be ironic if the project is approved because residents of the area would probably have enjoyed the resort defeated by Measure G, with restaurants and more public features.

“This is the unintended consequence of NIMBYism,” he said, referring to the anti-housing term Not in my Backyard. “They tried to stop a hotel that was more public-orientated, it had a restaurant and a bar that the public could use, and now they are just going to stuff housing there.”

Moeder said the NIMBY movement will need to get smarter about opposing projects because most land-use fights will now need to be taken up in Sacramento.

“It’s the state that’s making this happen. It’s not the local governments,” he said. “You can pass any initiative or referendum you want at the local level. The state will override you.”

NSDCC Median $/SF

Instead of using the median sales price as a gauge, let’s look at the history of the median $/sf to help bring the size of the homes into the equation.


I remember 2018 and 2019 being fairly flat and a bit of a struggle.  Rates had been in the 3% to 4% range during the 2015-2017 period, and once they got back into the mid-to-high 4s in the summer of 2018, pricing hit the skids.  Luckily, rates dropped under 4% in late-2019 which caused us to be optimistic about the selling season of 2020 – and you can see that pricing got off to a good start.

The Pandemic Stall caused a blip in April, 2020, but we recovered and charged into 2021.  You could say that local pricing took off like a rocket, rising 25% in five months:

Jan 2021: $559/sf

Jun 2021: $697/sf

Today we are under where 2022 started, and it could get worse. However, the median for the 38 sales closed this month is an impressive $823/sf, which is 4% higher than last month.

But we have a long way to go!

Speaking of a long way to go, Rob Dawg wanted to stir it up, like most Dodger fans.  We have been subject to endless taunting since making the playoffs, including Charlie Steiner suggesting that the Padres rivalry with the Dodgers would be like a nail having a rivalry with a hammer.

Just you wait!

Bob Melvin has engineered the greatest rope-a-dope since Muhammad Ali. Sacrificing the first game last night with Clevinger vs. Urias was ingenious, because Kershaw is washed up and due for a dud – and Darvish has been lights out.

The Padres win tonight, and then come home to the raucous crowd who hasn’t seen a playoff game in 16 years, and Petco Park will be rocking for Snellzilla. Then we got No-No-Joe for Saturday’s game and the Dodgers will have to bring back Urias early on three days rest and he won’t have enough.

This is the last chance to get on the Padres bandwagon!

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