Kobe Playing Piano

Kobe Bryant plays Moonlight Sonata. He taught himself to play this to show to his wife, Vanessa. A tribute to a legend, a union of sports and music in one man. Director: Brandon Nicholas DP: Zach Voytas Featuring: The Loring String Quartet Winner of a 2014 Bronze Telly Award.

We had a very narrow window of time to shoot this promotional piece with Kobe. He arrived in the conference room at the Graves 601 Hotel in Minneapolis at 6:45pm and 20 minutes later he was gone.

Featured on Ad Week and The Los Angeles Times:

Happy Birthday Starman

“Always go a little further into the water than you feel you are capable of being in. Go a bit out of your depth. When you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting.” DB

‘Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.’ DB

Trivia question: At Live Aid, what band had to follow Queen, who by all accounts stole the show?

That’s right, it was Bowie:

Bob Dylan

I wasn’t much of a Dylan fan until I saw him live.  I got to see him play at Pechanga (in 2008), at Humphrey’s in 2016, and at Harrah’s in 2017. Zimmy is known for having great players in his band, and the shows were fantastic – though they are strict about no photos or video taken.  His guards wanted to throw me out!

As a result, there aren’t many youtubes of Dylan live!

I have four more favorite concerts of the decade, and only two more Wednesdays!

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