New Radicals

Donna first met Jade in 1990 and shortly thereafter he became the family hairstylist – and Jade was our guy until he left us way too soon in 2013. It was about 22 years ago that he gave me this CD and suggested that I take a listen because he thought they might be going places.

Unfortunately, the band broke up about the same time, and we haven’t heard from them since….until tonight, when they got back together to play the inauguration. It turns out that this song is a Biden/Harris favorite – read the story here. This one’s for Jade! Hat tip Mrs. Dawg!

Exclusive: Watch the Complete New Radicals ‘You Get What You Give’ Inauguration Performance


Hendrix, with bandmates Mitch Mitchell (drums) and Billy Cox (bass), was already booked to perform a concert in Honolulu at the H.I.C. Arena on August 1, 1970, and the film’s director, Chuck Wein, desperate to feature Hendrix in some capacity, devised a plan to film a free “color/sound vibratory experiment” on the lower slope of the dormant Haleakala volcano.

Word of mouth about a free Jimi Hendrix concert led a few hundred curious Maui locals to the Baldwin cattle ranch in Olinda where a makeshift stage was constructed and the audience was arranged by their astrological signs. The performance captured the Jimi Hendrix Experience at the height of their powers, playing two full sets against the natural backdrop.

“Jimi loved adventure and there was certainly no shortage of it during his time in Hawaii, a place he also loved,” said Janie Hendrix. “The back story of Rainbow Bridge and these recordings paint a picture of Jimi’s uncanny ability to turn the bizarre into something amazing! We’re excited about this release because it gives the world a closer look at Jimi’s genius.”

Link to Article on Documentary Film

Alicia Keys

While reducing my blog-post drafts down to a manageable few, let’s review some of the best music videos.

We were lucky to see Alicia live and up close in her first big tour, and this video shows what we saw – a regular girl singing her heart out. Say hello to your La Jolla neighbor:

A Common Disaster

I have saved hundreds of live-music youtubes over the years and it’s time for a year-end clearout. I try to play music on Wednesday nights but fall asleep half the time, and other times I play them on Tuesday by mistake. So hardy har har, 2020, these are the best of what I have left – starting with the sultry goddess of rock:

Margo Timmins (born January 27, 1961) is the lead vocalist of the Canadian band Cowboy Junkies. She is the sister of Michael Timmins, the band’s lead guitarist, and Peter Timmins, the band’s drummer. Her ethereal vocals, paired with the band’s spare and low-key instrumentation played at a relaxed pace, lend the band its unique atmospheric sound.


A candle burning for everything I’ve ever wanted
A tattoo burned for everything I’ve ever wanted and lost
I had a long list of names that I kept in my back pocket,
but I’ve cut it down to one and your name’s at the top

Won’t you share a common disaster?
Share with me a common disaster
A common disaster

I found myself a friend,
but he’s crooked as a stick in water
So now I’m writing fairy tales
to catch the spirit of revenge
He’s got a plan to steal my little sister,
but I’m not too concerned
’cause I will get him in the end

Won’t you share a common disaster?
Share with me a common disaster
A common disaster

Going to find me someone to share
A common disaster
Run away with me from a life so cramped and dull
Not worry too much about the happily-ever-after
Just keep the Caddy moving
’til we’re well beyond that hill

Won’t you share a common disaster?
Share with me a common disaster
A common disaster

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