Ranking Roger RIP

Those of us who were a punk/new wave/ska fans in the early 1980s loved how the English Beat brought everyone together.

This is Sting’s statement:

The mid seventies was one of the most influential periods in the history of British pop music. The merging of Caribbean rhythms and the tropes of the immigrant West Indian experience alongside young white bands struggling to find an identity in Thatcher’s disunited kingdom produced what would become the second wave of British dominance in popular music across the world.

My friend Roger, as a founding member of the English Beat was at the centre of this febrile and explosive clash of cultures, uniquely placed to document the excitement of those times, the heady joy of success, the political turmoil, the inherent racism at all levels of our society as well as the brotherly bond of musicians struggling to make themselves heard within it. Thank you, Roger. You will be missed.

Dick Dale, RIP

We lost a real legend this week, Dick Dale, and his medical story was tragic:


Dick Dale… invented surf music in the 1950’s. Not the ’60’s as is commonly believed. He was given the title “King of the Surf Guitar” by his fellow surfers with whom he surfed with from sun-up to sun-down. He met Leo Fender the guitar and amplifier Guru and Leo asked Dale to play his newly creation, the Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar. The minute Dale picked up the guitar, Leo Fender broke into uncontrolled laughter and disbelief, he was watching Dale play a right handed guitar upside down and backwards, Dale was playing a right handed guitar left handed and changing the chords in his head then transposing the chords to his hands to create a sound never heard before.


Here is Dick playing at the Fiesta Del Sol in Solana Beach in 2011:

Bruce Springsteen Murder Inc

This has been a tough week for the blog.

First, I played a music video on Monday to clear out my saved 100+ old-guy videos before I can get to wifey’s new music! Then I woke up the next day to realize that my introduction to the following blog post didn’t come off as I thought, so I changed it.

Then today I posted the old news about the Dream House raffle being suspect, and thankfully anon guided us to the recent UT story that noted that showed the Ronald McDonald people have taken over the raffle, and the house will be given away this year for the first time.

I bought three tickets!

Beer Drinkers

It’s probably obvious that the practice is undergoing changes, and Donna is participating more with the sales team. She thinks the Wednesday Rock Blogging should catch up with the times, to which I said, “Sure, I’m hip – what do you want to hear?”

She said, “Post Malone and J Cole”.

Yeah….no. Can we warm up to that honey? A very special ZZ moment:

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