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Cape Town Oceanfront


This beach house couldn’t get any closer to the water even if it wanted to. Located near Cape Town, South Africa, this house was designed to create an extraordinary living experience.

The home was built using a minimal steel framed box with a hull-shaped roof, clad in hardwood.


All of the external walls are made up of frameless sliding folding glass doors, with privacy and security added with slatted hardwood shutters, which open hydraulically to become verandas when open and a continuous secure screen when closed.


The living and sleeping areas are separated by sliding ash clad doors which slide away during daytime hours to create a single large living space.


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Open House Report

2016-05-22 15.23.57

The weather was fantastic this weekend, and we had good traffic – 40+ people each day.  You know you have a specialty product in a mostly custom area when the zestimates are bouncing around.

Here is our zestimate history since Thursday.

BEFORE ZILLOW INPUT on Thursday night:



327 27

It has since come back to earth a bit:

zest may 23

I think buyers are putting more stock in the zestimates for a number of reasons – easy-to-find data point, it is somewhat reliable in tract neighborhoods, and it’s been around the longest.  Yet, I found myself having to explain to one visitor why was so far under our zestimate.

When the zestimate is within 10% of the list price, people might give it some credence. But when it is off by over 20%, buyers aren’t going to consider it as a reliable source.

In this case, the Z team used an oceanfront 2,000sf attached-home as a comp:



This is a recent sale nearby that is a better comp:

But Zillow doesn’t show it as a closed sale, thanks to the dispute between them and our MLS (it wasn’t uploaded manually).

Hence, their zestimate is only $2,142,343:

The Sandicor MLS people think they are doing us a favor by not negotiating with Zillow, but this is what we get – zestimates that are more unreliable than ever!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

The selling season is heating up, and Kayla promises to make more appearances this year, so….

  1.  Keep reading the blog!
  2.  When you, or someone you know, if thinking of moving, we’d sure appreciate a call or text at (858) 997-3801.

Looking for a sweet valentine for your honey? Buy this one-story house with big view! Open house today at 7249 Ocotillo St, 12-3pm:


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Open House Report

2016-01-30 13.10.03

Thoughts and reactions from today’s open house:

  1. For those looking to buy a newer 4,000sf single-story house, there were ten sold in the last 12 months – in the county!  They are in remote areas – Fallbrook, Valley Center, Rimrock, Jamul, etc., and they cost about the same. It makes Santee look like the middle of town – and this is a superior view!
  2.  Neighbors agreed that the east side of the street was the preferred location. Why? Because the east side is cooler.  The west side of the street gets the afternoon sun, and either your houses bakes for hours or you have to at least lower your blinds, which negates the benefit of having a view.
  3.  People have been disappointed so often with homes that their expectations are low – they don’t want to get their hopes up.  When they do see an impressive house or spectacular view, some folks get downright giddy – open house feels like a party!
  4.  The price is understandable, and nobody complained – which they usually do if they don’t like it.
  5.  There were 100+ people who attended during the 11am-3pm stretch.  Many were neighbors, but they are good candidates for moving up the hill from the tract below.
  6.  People love solar – free air conditioning!

ocotillo map

I’m not sure when it will happen, but I have confidence that this home will sell!

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