Home-Based Coworking

The lines get more blurred between home and work as we make our way back to the communes of the flower children!

For those homeowners who would like some regular income but don’t want people staying overnight, they may want to consider having visitors over for work only.

A combination of AirBnB and WeWork!

In the Bay Area currently, but hopefully expanding before long:


FLW Island For Sale

More people would move if they could just find a place to go!  In my quest to provide more options, consider this gem:

If you’re a fan of prolific architect Frank Lloyd Wright, you might say his best work is also his most iconic—Fallingwater in Pennsylvania or the GuggenheimMuseum in New York, for instance. If you’re an architecture buff with a thing for islands, however, you might want to take a look at this little-known gem of a project in Carmel, New York.

Located in the middle of a 593-acre lake, Petre Island is a privately owned residence sporting three separate homes—two of which are designed by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright. According to Curbed, however, the authenticity of at least one of those homes is questionable. Legend has it that the prolific architect had originally drawn up plans for a 5,000-square-foot main home for the island, but the when the island’s owner ran out of money, Wright was forced to switch gears and build a 1,200-square-foot cottage instead.

That original ‘50s-built cottage still stands. Today, however, there’s also the 5,000-square-foot masterpiece Wright had originally imagined for the island. In 2007, current owner Joseph Massaro commissioned an architect and Wright scholar to realize Wright’s vision based on his original drawings, floor plans, and other documents that came with the property.

The two houses now stand side by side on the five-acre island, rife with design details that recall the late architect’s signature style. (The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, however, refuses to recognize the newer home as a Wright original.)

Listed for $12,900,000. LINK

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Just need some official FLW swag?



Case Study House #23A

In the next blog post, I mention Case Study House #23A in La Jolla, which was granted national historic designation in July, 2013.

Here is some background from wiki:

The Case Study Houses were experiments in American residential architecture sponsored by Arts & Architecture magazine, which commissioned major architects of the day to design and build inexpensive and efficient model homes for the United States residential housing boom caused by the end of World War II and the return of millions of soldiers.

The program ran intermittently from 1945 until 1966. The first six houses were built by 1948 and attracted more than 350,000 visitors. While not all 36 designs were built, most of those that were constructed were built in Los Angeles, and one was built in San Rafael, Northern California and one in Phoenix, Arizona.

A number of the houses appeared in the magazine in iconic black-and-white photographs by architectural photographer Julius Shulman.

A review of the three houses built on Rue de Anne:


Yabba Dabba Doo

Thanks to SM for sending in this doozy:

In an early favorite for most unlikely real estate news event of the year, the town of Hillsborough has filed suit against publisher Florence Fang, owner of the famous “Flintstone House” at 45 Berryessa Avenue, over her modern Stone Age taste in landscaping.

According to a complaint filed in San Mateo Superior Court last week, Fang has made multiple additions to the property that have put the city in a Yabba Dabba Don’t sort of mood, including:

Beginning in early 2017, Ms. Fang began to install extensive improvements in the yard areas of 45 Berryessa. Some of these improvements involved large statues of dinosaurs and other figures and a sign reading “Yabba Dabba Doo.”

She also made non-decorative additions to the property, including a retaining wall, steps, columns, gates, a parking strip, and a deck. […] Several of the improvements created life safety hazards that require immediate correction.

[…] Ms. Fang installed all of the improvements without planning approvals and without building permits.

City attorneys say that Fang ignored multiple stop-work orders issued since late 2017. The lawsuit also notes that the city fined Fang $200 in 2018 for what it calls “a highly visible eyesore” on the property.

With Fang flouting city orders numerous times, Hillsborough now wants a court to order the removal or reversal of alterations to the property.

Fang bought 45 Berryessa in 2017 for $2.8 million. The bulbous Berryessa home had lingered on the market for two years and had its price chiseled down from $4.2 million.

The house already looked like this when she bought it:

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Tajiguas Ranch For Sale

Are you thinking about what to buy when you win the lottery?

Susie sent this in – she used to live there:

For the first time since 1981, Tajiguas Ranch on the Gaviota Coast, near Santa Barbara is on the market for $110 million. It now has two villas and comes with 120 cows. Building the villas took 5 years to get approved since it’s coastal property.

In the middle of the land is a hacienda. It was owned by John Travolta when I lived there. I lived on that extraordinary property from about 1976-1981. The Reagan White House ranch was to the north of the 3,500 acres.

Link to Listing

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