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Home Staging in 2016

pillow ironing

Higher prices bring more expectations, and today, buyers want to be dazzled.  Staging really helps with the oddball floor plans or houses full of clutter, but should every seller do it?

An excerpt:

Homeowners, reluctant to spend the money or admit that their decorating choices might not be catnip to buyers, are often loath to pay strangers to impose their tastes on their premises.

But as staging has evolved over the past decade, many real estate professionals say it has become more important — and more sophisticated — than ever.

“It always makes a difference, and is essential in this market,” said Richard Balzano, an associate broker at Douglas Elliman Real Estate who frequently refers his clients to stagers and even pays for the preliminary consultations.

In the past, many stagers focused on decluttering and implementing minor tweaks in furnished homes. Or they appointed vacant apartments with basic rental furniture to prove that rooms were large enough for regular sofas and queen-size mattresses.

Today, they are increasingly tackling all-out transformations that aim to present compelling contemporary design, while projecting a complete aspirational package.

“It’s not just about solving a problem now, but much more about presenting a lifestyle to prospective buyers,” said Jane Saidenberg, the design director of Studio D, a staging company with offices in New York and San Francisco. “People want it to look like a shelter magazine, or like something they’ve seen on TV. It’s more elevated than it has been in the past.”

Read full article here (with 200+ comments since Frday):

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Staging Tips for the Senses


Good thoughts on appealing to all five senses – I especially agree with keeping the scent and music volume in check:

Staging a home for sale is all about inspiring your buyer, and their senses are the avenue by which you connect with them. French novelist Honoré de Balzac once wrote “love is the poetry of the senses,” and specifically touching on each sense when staging a home creates atmosphere that inspires just that kind of poetic love. No matter the size or style of the home, there are a whole range of small things you can do to make it more appealing to aspiring homeowners (and help you lock in a sale!) Here’s how to get started:

Read full article here:

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Did The Staging Work?



More notes on staging and its effect on sales.

Staging delivers a great first impression – it’s probably worth it for that.  But staging is just a component of the overall package needed to sell a house – especially for top dollar.

Examples from the weekend:

1. An agent called me on Saturday morning to tell me her client was gushing over the home on Via Mariposa, and they were going to make an offer.  But nothing happened, so I pinged her on Sunday morning.  She got back to me on Sunday night, and said her client re-considered, and decided not to make an offer.  In her case, the staging wasn’t enough.

2.  A lady asked me at open house, “I wonder what this house looks like without the staging?”  Some buyers want to see beyond the staging.

3.  Kayla said, “I’m not a big fan of the blue/teal color combination”.  The staging will have a different impact on different people.

4.  An example where staging really paid off was with the out-of-town buyers. There were multiple out-of-towners viewing homes via FaceTime, Skype, and video – the staging has to have a positive impact when you are looking at a small screen from afar. The eventual winner at Via Mariposa was one of them – a family member saw it in person, and online photos and video did the rest.

I am comfortable with buyers making informed decisions based on video/FaceTime actions.  People trust the smartphones for everything else in life, might as well use it to buy a house!

Staging got the ball rolling, and got buyers engaged.  But the rest of the house had to look sharp, and the price had to be attractive too.  There were about 20 showings of that house over the first four days on the market, and we had three written offers.  For seventeen buyers, the staging wasn’t enough.

After offers are submitted, the end result doesn’t just happen by itself. I’ll take the credit for giving every buyer a fair opportunity to step up and pay top dollar for the home, and guide it over list price.  It’s the talking to people that makes the sale!

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Staging Benefits

Visitors to today’s open house were very complimentary about the staging, and it does assist those who have trouble visualizing how to furnish a house.  The next-door neighbor at first wondered why we didn’t stage it sooner, but then mentioned that he doesn’t understand why it is needed.

This is a selfie film – If you are watching in front of a regular-sized computer screen, you may want to back up several feet before hitting the play button:

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Creative Staging

Staging a home is a positive thing, and it provides two benefits.

  • It makes the photos more inviting, which brings more visitors.
  • Visitors are typically more impressed, due to the extra wow-factor, plus the fancy gear can mask imperfections like funky room size, color scheme, and/or needed repairs.

Professional home staging, where the company loads up your house with high-end furniture and art,  is going to cost somebody a few thousand dollars – usually around 1/2% of the sales price.

Another choice is virtual staging, where images of furniture are placed on your photographs – and it only costs a few hundred dollars.

This company makes a point:

When it comes time for a showing or open house printed photos are a great way to reinforce that first impression visitors received when they first saw the listing photos online.

Provide an opportunity to see the “best of both worlds” where visitors can see the home both furnished and vacant.

The in-person wow factor helps to create an emotional reaction in buyers, and the inexperienced might even pay more.  But virtual staging is better than nothing – you need to get people in the house to sell it.

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