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Saturday’s Open House Report

Over 100 people attended my open-house on Saturday, which goes to show you that the market is alive and well if you can get the right combination of house condition and price.

I don’t worry about being under-priced, because I know that my method of maximizing the turnout at an open-house extravaganza will ensure that we will find top dollar. In fact, I prefer to have dozens of people mingling around at the same time, putting the fear of loss into each attendee.

Because I am willing to give each buyer and agent a fair crack at buying the house, the process naturally evolves into a slow-motion auction. I have two written offers in hand, and hopefully more to come – but we won’t wait around for days or weeks to pick a winner because buyers cool off quickly.

Here’s a tour of what went right:

Here is the regular tour of the whole house:

The Zillow link to the listing:

Link to Listing

We’ll be there again today, 12-3pm!

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Sorrento Valley East $649,000

For those who work in Sorrento Valley and always wanted the convenience of living close – but Carmel Valley was always more than you wanted to spend – then you may want to consider my new listing!

Sought-after Summerset Court home conveniently located on the edge of Sorrento Valley where you can walk/bike to Qualcomm and Green Flash Brewery! Remodeled kitchen with quartz counters and new appliances, open floorplan, vaulted ceilings, and dual-pane windows/doors. Garage has epoxy floor and storage cabinets too, and no Mello-Roos! Bring your lawnmower for the extra-large grass backyard in a VERY quiet neighborhood overlooking the canyon – great value!

List price is $649,000.  Zestimate is $694,235!

Open house 12-3pm Saturday and Sunday August 25 & 26.,-SAN-DIEGO-California_rb/

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Tips for Home Sellers

Are you thinking of selling your home?

If you’re in a hurry, just contact me and we can get started right away.

If you prefer to conduct a full investigation and make an educated decision, great – know the difference between honest salespeople and the order-takers or sandbaggers who are intent on putting you together.

Topics For Listing-Agent Interviews:

  1. Coming Soon – You’ll be told that this campaign is to generate initial buzz and anticipation, but that wears off in 2-3 days so make sure you are on the open market quickly thereafter.  Ask whether there will be showings during the campaign, and don’t accept an offer until you have seen your house listed on the MLS for 2-4 days.
  2. Database of Waiting Buyers – Great, bring them over once the home is on the MLS – not before.
  3. Sold Before Processing – These days agents are candid about their history of selling homes before putting them on the open market – ask if they do it, and if they do, how do they justify that when they have a fiduciary duty to their sellers.
  4. Handling the Inbound Advertising Calls – Most listing agents have assistants and trainees taking the calls. How good are they? Do they meet the caller at the property, or do they hand off to another assistant or trainee?
  5. Setting Up Showings of Your Home – Everyone from Redfin to the biggest agents are using a neutral third party called Showing Suite to make the appointments to show your home. While it does sound efficient, it removes any chance of gleaning vital information from the buyer’s agent about the qualifications and motivations of each buyer.  As a result, you will have unqualified people inside your home while you wait at Starbucks.
  6. Showing Your Home – Does your listing agent insist upon accompanying all showings?  Do they do it themselves, or do they send an assistant or trainee, and do either add value?  The good buyer agents aren’t crazy about having to work around the assistant’s schedule.
  7. Open Houses – Are top-notch professional salespeople conducting an open house in order to build additional urgency in buyers and, thus, sell your home for more money?  Or are they there to pick up leads?  You know by their visitor sign-in policy – especially if they use a slick I-pad system and refuse entry until visitors comply.
  8. Advertising – Internet advertising is the rage, especially on Facebook. Are they advertising your house for sale, and really pushing the product?
  9. Photos and Video – Real estate photographers are everywhere, so having pro photos are expected today. Drone shots that don’t identify the property aren’t helpful, and video presentations with audio that sells the property are much better than those with elevator music. Some listing agent refuse to do videos, and think photos sewn together are the same thing – they are missing an opportunity.  In addition, if you look at their previous listings and see photos with for-sale signs in front of the house, then the agent is trying to sell houses before they do the photos, which is backwards.
  10. Home Improvements/Staging – Do they have quality recommendations off the top of their head?
  11. Suggested List Price – Can the listing agent make a compelling case to justify your home’s value?  If they can convince you, then they are well on their way to convincing the buyers and appraisers too.
  12. Recent Sales History – Have they sold at least once house per month over the last year?  It’s nice but not required that they have sold houses like yours, because good listing agents can employ quality sales skills to sell any home.  Ask about recent problems that their expertise has solved.

The deceit around the Coming Soon campaigns is toughest on the out-of-area sellers – it’s harder to keep a close eye on what’s really happening.

Two recent examples:

A. The listing agent had his Coming Soon sign in place for over two months, but sure enough, when it was finally entered into the MLS, it was sold before processing.  The rule is to input the listing within 48 hours, not two months.

B. Another listing agent who couldn’t sell the house for three months cancels the listing on the MLS, and then puts her Coming Soon sign back out for ten days before re-inputting back on the MLS.  She refreshed her Coming Soon!

I promise to uphold my fiduciary duty and get you the best deal possible!

From 2006:

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‘Litter On A Stick’

We won’t police ourselves, so…..

Hat tip to SM for sending this in:

Link to Article

Jerry Del Mauro hoped to score a $1.4 million sale last month when he staged an open house near the water in Huntington Beach.

Instead of a sale, the Re/Max agent got a $2,750 fine for putting out too many open house signs.

Del Mauro said he had no choice. The house sat on an island at the end of a semi-desolate street almost 2 miles from the nearest traffic light. To guide buyers to his open house, he put out some 18 signs — 11 more than the city typically allows.

A city code enforcement officer spotted the signs and issued a citation, fining him $250 per “excessive” sign.

“These open house sign laws are getting out of control,” said one of the 140 comments on Del Mauro’s Facebook post following the citation.

City officials are “Nazi Sign Police,” another commenter said, and a third called the citation “a Communist joke.”

The case is one of the more extreme examples of ongoing tensions between real estate agents and city officials throughout the region – and across the country.

On the other side of the controversy are city employees who have been inundated with citizen complaints about the virtual forests of open house signs sprouting up on corners, median strips and curbside over the past three years, fueled by a frenzied housing market.

“We have received pushback from residents,” Huntington Beach code enforcement Supervisor Rich Massi said in an email. “A few Realtors … started to blanket the city with open house signs at various locations, which created a nuisance and blight.”

Massi said several other agents also have been cited for violating city sign policies, with fines ranging from $250 to $3,000.

Similar tensions have cropped up in cities throughout the region, and across the country.

“We are being bombarded, and Realtors aren’t taking their signs down,” said Lula Davis-Holmes, a Carson councilwoman for 11 years. “It became an eyesore. And it became a public safety issue.”

In February, a Tulsa, Okla., city councilman called all temporary signs — including open house placards — “litter on a stick” and sought to have them banned on public rights of way, the Tulsa World reported.

Davis-Holmes called open house signs antiquated in the internet age, questioning why agents even bother to hold open houses.

“My impression from real estate agents is those signs attract more lookie-loos than actual buyers,” she said.

But Kissinger, the South Bay Realtor official, said they may be antiquated, but signs remain the most effective way to draw buyers to an open house.

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