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Trendy Tuesday

Tips for a Great Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house, if not THE most important. This is the area where you put together your children’s lunches, cook the Thanksgiving turkey, or prep for your Saturday night dinner party with all your closest friends.

With that being said, a kitchen needs all the bells and whistles! You could spend a couple thousand on a kitchen, or you could end up spending $50,000+! Below are a few tips to help improve the kitchen you already have without having to go through your entire savings account!

Here are more if you want the whole article:


1. Color-coordinate the outlets – Using a white outlet distracts the eye from the beautiful backsplash you spent LOTS of money on! You can avoid this issue by coordinate the wall plate and/or outlet with the color of the backsplash.

2. Hide your outlets with the appliance – Do we really need to see the chord dangling across the counter to plug in your toaster? Just move the darn toaster!

3. Sideways outlets – If you decide not to color-coordinate the outlets, turn them sideways so they will be less noticeable.

4. Charging station – Everyone has to charge their smart phone and iPad! Create a drawer right underneath the countertop, and make sure it has multiple outlets to keep the smart devices out of sight.


1. Under-cabinet lighting – The main purpose of this is to show off your clean and stunning countertops! Make sure to install the light towards the front rather than towards the back. When it’s in the back, it shows off your backsplash – which isn’t a bad thing! But it then provides no light for your countertops – which is where you will be preparing your food!

2. Cabinet lighting – Typically you would install the light at the top of your cabinets but things have changed. You can now install your cabinet lighting on both sides of the cabinet to give it that “glowing” effect. This is great if you are incredibly organized. If you tend to throw stuff in your cabinets, maybe stay away from this idea.

Avoid Irritating Situations

1. Maximize space on an island – A lot of people think it would be great to have the sink in the middle of the island. Depending how long your island is, it can make the area around the sink very limiting. Try to put it at one end of the island to maximize your prep space.

2. Lid storage – I hate having to organize lids for pots and/or Tupperware. A good idea would be to create a divider in the drawer so you have your lids and your containers separated yet in the same place.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

– KK

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Purplebricks Integrity

Here’s a good example of how sketchy the discounters are being with their advertising.  It’s bad enough when they claim that they provide the same service as traditional agents, without providing any proof.

But this video – produced by Purplebricks themselves – gives you a great snapshot of their real integrity.  When asked, “Don’t I have to pay with the possibility of my property not selling”, the expert says, “No…..not really.”

But the answer is yes – you have to pay $3,699 whether the home sells or not.  It takes more prodding by the questioner to get her to deliver the right answer, but it’s still vague and evasive:

The local Purplebricks agent told us that the reason he went there was because he couldn’t hack it anymore as a regular realtor – he needed the salary to live.

If what you got for the money was transparent, the consumer would be better served. But instead, we get peppered with even more lies and deceit paid for by VC money in an attempt to win over the consumer before they figure it out.

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The Tan Man Still Defiant

Nick at the WSJ has a good piece on the Tan Man – with one of Angelo’s emails from three years prior to the Countrywide failure and fire-sale to BofA:

An excerpt from an old article:

Mister Mozilo, a mortgage industry maverick who co-founded Countrywide in 1969, and nearly 30 years later co-founded the dramatically collapsed IndyMac Bank (now OneWest Bank), is widely regarded as one of the more Machiavellian sub-mortgage-men who helped march the U.S. (and global) economy straight off the cliff in the mid-Noughts.

While Mister Mozilo and his mortgage-making army pushed and pedaled sub-prime home loans, he talked up the then-flourishing company’s stock price, earned hundreds of millions in compensation, and cashed out more than $400,000,000 worth of Countrywide stock, a large portion of it during the last couple of years of his tattered tenure as the king of Countrywide.

Alas, the sub-primed fueled real estate bubble burst sometime around 2007 and Mister Mozilo left Countrywide in 2008 after the crippled company was sold for $4.1 billion to Bank of America.

In June 2009 the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Mister Mozilo with insider trading and securities fraud and in September 2010, Mister Mozilo settled with the SEC and agreed to pay $67,500,000 in fines, $45,000,000 of which was paid by Bank of America. Despite the sizable payout, settlement terms allow Mister Mozilo to circumvent acknowledgement of any misconduct. We can’t vouch for or confirm it but online idle chatter says he has a net worth well in excess of half a billion dollars.

Link to Full Article

Mozilo, in his deposition, continues his long standing defense of his former company.  “I have no regrets about how Countrywide was run,” Mozilo said. “We were a world-class company in every respect.“

 “We never made a loan knowingly — and it would be stupid to do so — that we knew the borrower could not pay. Never,” Mozilo said. “All our loans had that one standard from 1968 to the end of my rein at Countrywide.”

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Tips for Home Sellers

Are you thinking of selling your home?

If you’re in a hurry, just contact me and we can get started right away.

If you prefer to conduct a full investigation and make an educated decision, great – know the difference between honest salespeople and the order-takers or sandbaggers who are intent on putting you together.

Topics For Listing-Agent Interviews:

  1. Coming Soon – You’ll be told that this campaign is to generate initial buzz and anticipation, but that wears off in 2-3 days so make sure you are on the open market quickly thereafter.  Ask whether there will be showings during the campaign, and don’t accept an offer until you have seen your house listed on the MLS for 2-4 days.
  2. Database of Waiting Buyers – Great, bring them over once the home is on the MLS – not before.
  3. Sold Before Processing – These days agents are candid about their history of selling homes before putting them on the open market – ask if they do it, and if they do, how do they justify that when they have a fiduciary duty to their sellers.
  4. Handling the Inbound Advertising Calls – Most listing agents have assistants and trainees taking the calls. How good are they? Do they meet the caller at the property, or do they hand off to another assistant or trainee?
  5. Setting Up Showings of Your Home – Everyone from Redfin to the biggest agents are using a neutral third party called Showing Suite to make the appointments to show your home. While it does sound efficient, it removes any chance of gleaning vital information from the buyer’s agent about the qualifications and motivations of each buyer.  As a result, you will have unqualified people inside your home while you wait at Starbucks.
  6. Showing Your Home – Does your listing agent insist upon accompanying all showings?  Do they do it themselves, or do they send an assistant or trainee, and do either add value?  The good buyer agents aren’t crazy about having to work around the assistant’s schedule.
  7. Open Houses – Are top-notch professional salespeople conducting an open house in order to build additional urgency in buyers and, thus, sell your home for more money?  Or are they there to pick up leads?  You know by their visitor sign-in policy – especially if they use a slick I-pad system and refuse entry until visitors comply.
  8. Advertising – Internet advertising is the rage, especially on Facebook. Are they advertising your house for sale, and really pushing the product?
  9. Photos and Video – Real estate photographers are everywhere, so having pro photos are expected today. Drone shots that don’t identify the property aren’t helpful, and video presentations with audio that sells the property are much better than those with elevator music. Some listing agent refuse to do videos, and think photos sewn together are the same thing – they are missing an opportunity.  In addition, if you look at their previous listings and see photos with for-sale signs in front of the house, then the agent is trying to sell houses before they do the photos, which is backwards.
  10. Home Improvements/Staging – Do they have quality recommendations off the top of their head?
  11. Suggested List Price – Can the listing agent make a compelling case to justify your home’s value?  If they can convince you, then they are well on their way to convincing the buyers and appraisers too.
  12. Recent Sales History – Have they sold at least once house per month over the last year?  It’s nice but not required that they have sold houses like yours, because good listing agents can employ quality sales skills to sell any home.  Ask about recent problems that their expertise has solved.

The deceit around the Coming Soon campaigns is toughest on the out-of-area sellers – it’s harder to keep a close eye on what’s really happening.

Two recent examples:

A. The listing agent had his Coming Soon sign in place for over two months, but sure enough, when it was finally entered into the MLS, it was sold before processing.  The rule is to input the listing within 48 hours, not two months.

B. Another listing agent who couldn’t sell the house for three months cancels the listing on the MLS, and then puts her Coming Soon sign back out for ten days before re-inputting back on the MLS.  She refreshed her Coming Soon!

I promise to uphold my fiduciary duty and get you the best deal possible!

From 2006:

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Inventory Watch

The total number of pendings dropped 6% this week – escrows are closing! It also means that the market took the normal break for graduations, though we haven’t had fewer than 54 new pendings since Super Bowl week.

The number of pendings over the last four weeks is inline with previous years:

2014: 248

2015: 296

2016: 271

2017: 295

2018: 271

We should have another surge before the selling season is over.  Mortgage rates are lower today than the day before the Fed increase last week!

Read More

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San Diego County House Sales

Here we saw how the NSDCC sales have been down 9% this year – how have sales been county-wide?  The closed sales between January and May this year are also down 8% compared to last year, in spite of there being 20% MORE houses listed for sale than in 2017!

The cheerleaders can’t claim that lower sales are due to lack of inventory!

San Diego County Detached-Homes Sales, Jan – May:

New Listings
Closed Sales
Median SP
Median DOM

People want to believe that it takes longer to sell more expensive homes.  But the NSDCC median days-on-market is 18 days this year, where the median SP is $1,325,000.  Eight days faster in a sub-region where the median sales price is twice as much!

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