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Natalie (who is doing a stellar job as marketing director!) suggested that some people might want to hear thoughts on the market conditions in a longer podcast-type format, so here’s my six minutes:

The real estate business is fast moving and sellers and buyers are making snap decisions. You want an adviser who knows the market and can deliver advice extemporaneously!

JtR on the Radio

jim and kayla

I was invited to participate on Eran Sinai’s radio show today.

These shows go quickly so we agreed to limit the discussion to our local market, expectations for 2016, and how to select a good agent.

I mentioned during the break that it’s a good thing that the blog keeps me limited to 500 words or so, because I could ramble for hours!

Blog Talk Radio Tonight

I’m hoping that we have the BTR format down tonight – it just took more money! We will be discussing the real estate purchase contract, disclosures, disputes, liquidated damages, specific performance, REOs/short sales, MERS, and other general legal topics relating to real estate. Copy of our purchase contract here: Residential Purchase Contract

Click below to listen at 7:00pm, and call (877) 317-7373 with your questions and comments!

Listen to internet radio with Jim the Realtor on Blog Talk Radio

Rob Kovalsky, Attorney on BTR

Join us Monday night, April 30th, at 7:00 pm on Blog Talk Radio when we are joined by Rob Kovalsky, long-time local real estate attorney. 

We will be discussing the real estate purchase contract, disclosures, disputes, liquidated damages, specific performance, REOs/short sales, MERS, and other general legal topics.

We will be taking your questions and comments too!

Blog Talk Radio with JtR

My frustrations with the BTR control panel continued tonight – the opening song started before I realized that I had no off button. So enjoy the full version of “Heartbreaker” live by Led Zeppelin, or fast forward about five minutes:

Listen to internet radio with Jim the Realtor on Blog Talk Radio

We talked about the general market conditions, and how the flurry of activity we’ve seen lately is unlikely to cause higher sold prices.  If there is a surge of new listings over the next few months, they will likely be a result of sellers being enticed by today’s list prices, which are a false sense of the real market.  In other words, prepare for a glut of overpriced listings for the next few months.

I also got off on a tangient about what and where this blog is, and my enthusiasm about it.  I don’t have much, if any, sense of who reads this blog, or what you the readers want out of it.   So look forward to a new survey coming soon!

Blog Talk Radio Tonight

Join us tonight for another round of Blog Talk Radio.

There is no guest planned, instead I’ll be taking your questions, telling a few stories, and working the crystal ball for some insight into the future!

Join us here at 7:00pm tonight!


Adam Rappoport – Blog Talk Radio

Click on the media player below to listen to our Blog Talk Radio program with Adam Rappoport.

We discussed his experiences with flipping houses in San Diego, hard-money lending, and his newest venture, buying properties to hold for investment out-of-state.


Join Us Tonight for Talk Radio!

At 7:00pm tonight we’ll be talking with Adam Rappoport about his new venture, buying income properties out-of-state.

We’ll also be comparing his numbers to what you can expect locally with investment properties.

For a review of Adam’s work of buying properties at trustee sales off the court house steps, see these previous posts from November, 2009.  Most commenters thought the series was highly informative:




Tune in right here at bubbleinfo.com!

Adam Rappoport Feb 27th 7pm

Our friend Adam Rappoport will be on Blog Talk Radio this Monday, February 27th at 7pm.  (Note the earlier time!)

Adam is a long-time local realtor who got into the house-flipping business with houses he bought at the courthouse steps.  When the competition for trustee-sale properties pushed margins so thin that the risk became uncomfortable, Adam started investing in properties out-of-state.

We’ll be discussing all the above, and will be comparing the benefits of out-of-state investing vs. the local market.  Join us Monday at 7:00pm!

Tom Tarrant on BTR

Thanks to Tom for being on the show – and for everyone who listened!

Some of the highlights:

tj and the bear asked about ballpark costs, and Tom broke his general remodeling expenses per room.

He does the work himself on these rooms:

Kitchens – $10,000 to $12,000

Bathrooms – $2,500

Engineered hardwood floors – $4,000

Work done by contractors:

New 200 amp eletrical service – $5,000

New plumbing – $5,000

Roof – $4,500 to $6,000 (comp shingle)

Jeeman called in and described his struggle to get a reasonable quote for an overall remodel, and we agreed that it is good to get plans done first, then have general contractors gives quotes so you can compare apples for apples.

Tom mentioned several TV shows who have approached him looking to document his ‘team’, and fabricate some drama.  Tom is willing to tell it like it is, but no takers for that package so far.

Tom also said that he sees plenty of deals on the MLS, though it is hotly competitive.  He is a believer in cruising the neighborhoods looking for possibilities, and that the South Park project was a result of such an effort.  He had to drive to Lakeside a few times to track down the owner, but finally prevailed.

The South Park project requires a two-car garage per the city, so the remaining buildable lot only allowed for a 1,350sf house.  Tom changed to a two-story, 2,000sf plan instead, and hopes for a completion date in Fall, 2012.

The Bay Park remodel hasn’t hit any snags, and is a lighter project because no square footage is being added.  We talked about Bay Park being an up-and-comer neighborhood, and that there could be pockets of appreciation in certain areas like it.

Listen to internet radio with Jim the Realtor on Blog Talk Radio

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