My frustrations with the BTR control panel continued tonight – the opening song started before I realized that I had no off button. So enjoy the full version of “Heartbreaker” live by Led Zeppelin, or fast forward about five minutes:

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We talked about the general market conditions, and how the flurry of activity we’ve seen lately is unlikely to cause higher sold prices.  If there is a surge of new listings over the next few months, they will likely be a result of sellers being enticed by today’s list prices, which are a false sense of the real market.  In other words, prepare for a glut of overpriced listings for the next few months.

I also got off on a tangient about what and where this blog is, and my enthusiasm about it.  I don’t have much, if any, sense of who reads this blog, or what you the readers want out of it.   So look forward to a new survey coming soon!

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