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Category Archive: ‘Del Mar’

Del Mar Comparison

The listing on Forest, a 1,516sf house built in 1946 and in original condition, gets mentioned in the video below. It was listed for $2,089,000 when it went pending, and here’s its video tour:

This new house is about 1/2 mile away from Forest, as the crow flies – they had just lowered their price on Thursday from $2,325,000.

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Del Mar Sleek

This didn’t turn out so well – this owner paid $2,000,000 in 2004, then sold it for $2.25M in 2006 and carried the second mortgage.

He has since foreclosed, and now has it listed for $1,850,000:

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Too Convenient?

This house had an oddball floor plan, freeway noise, and a shifty agent (the list price changed a few times and he had his sign out for at least two weeks before MLS input) but the big yard and a higher-end look propelled it to $571/sf:

This is an interesting area on the crime report. Within a mile of this address, there has been 91 crimes reported THIS YEAR (assaults, burglary, car theft, robbery, theft/larceny, and vandalism). Look at the concentration of crimes that are close to freeway access – thieves come from other areas and do the ‘grab and go’:

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