Frenzy Cruise 8

There probably aren’t many people today who expect to see any frenzy left in the marketplace. But here’s a view from the street, looking at actual sales closed over the last 30 days.

At 22 minutes, this turned into a full-length feature film (sorry), but consider it an audio track about the current market conditions, with video evidence to support it.

100% Sold In Ten Days or Less

Here is a good sampling of the NSDCC pricing decisions made in May (mortgage rates started going up the first of April). The days-on-market are on the left.

Days on Market: All 28 found their buyer quickly – only one took as long as ten days!

Paid Over List: 21 of 28 paid over the list price (75%).

Of the 21 who paid over the list price, the average amount paid over list was $185,761. Literally 11 out of 21 paid at least $200,000 over list – and these 28 sales are the mid-range group!

Best Discount: -$70,000.

Here are some of the big winners:

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