It always seemed to me that if ADUs were selling for $50,000 or less, there would be lots of interest.  Literally the first one I ran into (below) at the Tiny Fest was priced at $50,000, and people were standing in line to experience this 8.5 ft x 30 ft home with kitchen and full bath (seen in right window).

This one was tall enough that it had two lofts:

For those who want to do it themselves, these guys will sell you the kit for $63,000.  The vaulted ceiling added some extra luxury:

This was my favorite granny flat because of the porch. The upgraded version costs $65,000:

This was the deal of the day.  For $15,000 you get the building with full bath and the trailer:

Here’s my tour of the homes:

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Jim the Realtor

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