Today I was on the first broker preview of the year (filming “Ride Along with JtR”), when I came across this REO in Del Mar Heights.  The assistant was running open house, and said it had just been inputted onto the MLS – but it’s not on the open market as of this printing.

I think she said that the price will be $1,749,000 – it was listed for $3,295,000 in summer of 2010.

It has its quirks, and could sit for weeks or months without selling.  But we saw how hot the 92014 has been lately (2011 sales were +62% higher than in 2010, and pricing was +4%) so it could go flying off the market, because everyone wants a bank deal in Del Mar Heights!

It sold for $2,200,000 in 2005, and financed 90%, but the opening bid at November’s trustee sale was only $1,464,750.

Here is the map:

What will be the eventual sales price?

Leave your price in the comment section, and the closest guesser will receive four tickets to the swanky Del Mar Turf Club for one day during the season (July 18th – Sept. 5th).  You’ll have your own table with TV to watch the races and replays, plus waitress service!  Or, if you prefer a more casual day, (guys have to wear coats in the Club), the winner can select Choice 1A; four box seats near the finish line, also with waitress service.

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