Jinx wondered if pricing was going to be flat for a while, and I think it’ll depend on the area in question.  Some neighborhoods may look like they are going up in value, and others down.

The low-inventory conditions makes it harder to track the actual trends – either there aren’t enough comps to support a case either way, or the few comps are masking the real story.  Plus the shadow inventory of defaulters is haunting the market – will there be a flood of REOs one day, or not?

Let’s highlight a few areas where buyers should proceed with caution.

The mid-Carlsbad market has shadow inventory of a different nature – new product waiting in the wings.  Currently there are 150-200 homes underway around the Poinsettia/El Camino Real area, plus Robertson Ranch will add over 1,000 homes once it is built out – that’s a lot of Mello-Roos!

Two weeks in a row with a surfboard in a Porsche – will that be the new ice-cream truck?  A bubbleinfo t-shirt to the first person to name that band!

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