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  1. Robertson’s Ranch was a steal relative to these….!!

  2. Escondido adjacent?

  3. You killed it at 6:35 with “they are just trying to sell square footage.”

    This isn’t poor architecture, this is bad architecture. This isn’t poor anthropometrics, this is bad anthropometrics. This isn’t poor design choices, this is bad design choices.

    Sorry to be so negative seeing as you might be selling one but this looks to me to be a case of spending money in all the wrong ways. In other words; poor value. $2m is not or should not be this. I hope it never is.

    Personally I don’t mind “inexpensive” floor treatments. Several reasons. If you don’t like it, you aren’t paying twice. If you like it, no problem. If you upgrade; probably easy to pull up. Finally, I’m generally impressed with the quality of many “mass market” horizontal surfaces available today. I didn’t import my kitchen floor unless you consider the San Fernando Valley a different country. My General Contractor hated me until he figured out my being a pain was +20% for every future contract on these issues. In short (too late?) as long as the foundation is good the horizontal surfaces are more “useable shrinkwrap” for your house until you make it your home.

  4. It seems like the crash of ten years ago is firmly no longer in people’s memories. The smart money is cashing out the overvalued stocks and buying residential real estate! Prices only go up!

    And if they do start going down, the rules have been changed so that nobody gets foreclosed on for many, many years. Banks get bailed out. Interest rates are lowered. And the feds will create as many digits it takes to inflate ourselves out of another catastrophe.

    The new normal, folks!

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