Fix Zoning

There aren’t many (if any) of the larger parcels left for big developments, but if the government was an easier and cheaper component, then new infill projects and the repurposing of commercial/industrial properties into residential could benefit – an excerpt from a CalMatters commentary:

If we want to begin to climb our way out of this housing crisis, where do we start? We can begin by fixing zoning, curbing the worst abuses of legacy environmental laws and lowering the mandatory fees that stifle homebuilding at the permit counter.


Prefab Office Shed

Hat tip just some guy for sending in this article on smaller but cheaper alternatives:

With modern looks and efficient construction, prefab continues to be an alluring option for building a new home. But if you already have a house, adding a backyard structure made from components produced off-site can be an easy and practical way to make the most of your property.

Compact prefab sheds often won’t require a permit to install and their potential uses can go way beyond simple storage or workshop space—think a home office, yoga studio, writing retreat, guest house, music room, and so on.

Below, we’ve rounded up five rad prefab shed lines that you can order from right now. The estimated price ranges do not include costs associated with any permits, shipping, foundation, and installation, unless otherwise noted.


State Street Commons

The Carlsbad Village Antique Mall was 14,630sf on a 7/10-acre lot.  The new owners paid $7,525,000 in August, 2019 (the sellers had paid $1,450,000 in 1999) and plan to increase the square footage by 44%.  Hopefully there will be plenty of on-site parking!


State Street Commons is an adaptive reuse and major renovation of the antique mall in the heart of Carlsbad Village. The project will pay tribute to the architectural character of the two butler frame buildings and quonset hut. The project consists of approximately 21,000 sf on a 30,350 sf parcel a couple blocks from the Pacific Ocean and directly across from the transit station. The vibrant mixed use project will house top tier retail and office tenants.


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