Well, now what?

Will there be a flood of new inventory from those who leave the country?

No way – the mega-rich celebrities might hit the road, but normal people will stay put.  We have it too good here, and moving to another country is everything its cracked up to be:


Without a flood of inventory, our market conditions should stay the same – the demand for buying houses far out-stripping the supply, with the only thing in the way of sellers selling is their own price reluctance.

The demand could get stronger too.  We had hundreds of open-house visitors to the listing on Bluff Ct., and 16 offers – the weekend before the election!  There had to be a segment of buyers who have been on hold until the election concluded.  If they get back in, the demand could grow further.

If Trump gets the same chance that Obama got to prove himself, and Trump gets off to a decent start, we could see the housing frenzy fire up again early next year around North San Diego County’s coastal region.

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