Yesterday we saw that list pricing of San Diego houses had jumped recently, and a reader wanted to scale it down to local markets.

You can see in this Carmel Valley graph that last year the list pricing never picked up any momentum during the prime spring selling season – the average list-price-per-sf was in a downward trend for the first three quarters of the year.  But there has been a surge over the last four months, though still well under all of 2010.

Also note that the buyers have stayed under control the last two years – the average sales price stuck right around Carmel Valley’s magical $330/sf , until recently:

Sales during the prime spring/summer selling season weren’t as successful either, staying well below those in 2010.  They tapered off early too – the late-summer plunge in sales looked like totals from winter months, even though inventory had been on the rise through June/July. 

But it appears that there must have been a lot of market-testers, because the inventory dropped steadily in the second half. 



Here are the same two graphs for SE Carlsbad’s 92009 zip code, which is about the same size as Carmel Valley. 

This graph shows how committed buyers were to staying in the tight $240/sf-to-$250/sf range last year, as they watched sellers go nuts with their list-pricing during the spring kick.

Buyers were very patient, just picking off the good buys; and as the inventory of seller/dreamers thinned out heading into the holidays, so did sales:

What will it be this year? 

Buyers have waited this long, they aren’t going to pay a lot more than the last guy – maybe a little.  If so, they’d still be in line with 2010 pricing on these two graphs.

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