Family Time!

The fam is back together in New York City for Natalie’s next show tonight at the Met-Life Stadium! Grateful to be enjoying what could be a once-in-a-lifetime gig for her – how many concert tours are there of football stadiums around America? Full report of the show to follow.

Madison Square Garden at bottom and Empire State Building

Pablo Picasso

Our Day At The Track

We are one of the Compass sponsors at the Del Mar Races, which includes one Saturday each year when we can go down to the winner’s circle. Kayla and Frank are vacationing here this week with Frank’s parents (his dad shot a 76 at Aviara!) so they joined us with a few of Kayla’s friends for a day at the track.

A friend of Kayla’s was there and sent her this photo – not realizing that Kayla was in it:

This is how the end of the sixth race looked:

Between the sixth race and the ninth race, we got an accepted offer here:

Then in the ninth race, I bet the $1 Superfecta and won, which was good for $1,141:

Then we finished off the night with a fine meal at Red Tracton’s.

All while Natalie rocked the sold-out Hard Rock Stadium in Miami – she is third from the left, back row:

It Was A Day For The Ages!

Natalie Dancing at the Rose Bowl

The impending hurricane shut down the insurance business in San Diego County on Friday.

We had a escrow scheduled to close, but it was postponed as new policies were suspended throughout the region. The same thing has happened when there has been an earthquake, and insurance carriers insist on an in-person inspection to verify the building is still standing. There won’t be many closings until Tuesday/Wednesday until they are satisfied – hope you weren’t planning to move this weekend!

Long-time reader John checked in from Georgia to say these hurricanes are no joke, and to take them seriously. The worst will probably be if the wind knocks out your power for a day or two, but at least at this hour (Sunday morning) it looks like it’s trending inland:

The hurricane didn’t stop the Karol G show – they sold out the Rose Bowl the last two nights, and are on their way to Miami for two more sold-out shows at Hard Rock Stadium next weekend!

Here is the Natalie highlight reel:

More Natalie in Las Vegas

Karol G was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine this week, with a 5,200-word story (several pages) about her growing up in Columbia and becoming a major international superstar.

Their tour of football stadiums in America began last Thursday with 70,000+ people in Las Vegas, and they also sold out Levi Stadium on Monday night. Next up are two shows at the Rose Bowl this weekend!

Most of the focus of this film is on our Natalie, who is the third from the left in the beginning – and is in the front by the end!

Natalie on Tour With Karol G

Our daughter Natalie has been a dancer all her life.

As a kid, she danced year-round, then went to UCLA and graduated with a degree in dance. The pandemic made us think it might never happen, but then a month ago she signed on this tour – a lifelong dream! Two weeks ago they changed choreographers, and last week they changed the show date (it was supposed to be Aug 11). But they were ready for the 70,000 people who showed up at Allegiant Stadium last night!

She is the dancer on the far left in the beginning:

We are proud parents today!

Natalie On Tour!

Karol G starts her football-stadium tour of America tonight, and Natalie Klinge is with her!

Our daughter Natalie is one of the 20 dancers performing with Karol G – check out these shows!

We are in Las Vegas for the first show – video to follow!

To get acquainted with Karol G, watch her appearance on the NBC Today Show on June 30th:

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