For the newer readers, Donna and I have two daughters.

After Kayla graduated from the University of Oregon, she worked with us for five years and then moved to Manhattan where she’s been a realtor there for the last six years.

Natalie has always been a dancer, and she graduated from UCLA with a degree in dance. Since then, she has lived in Los Angeles doing smaller gigs in hopes they would lead to a full-blown concert tour with a major artist. She got her break last year, and has been on tour with Karol G. since August.

For those who aren’t familiar with Karol G., she has been called the latin Beyonce. The tour will conclude in Madrid, a city where she is bigger than Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift:

While it has been the dream tour of a lifetime for Natalie, it will come to an end in July (not June – the wiki clip above has the wrong month), after which she will continue to pursue her dance career. Stay tuned!

At the same time, she has also been our full-time marketing director. She authors our email newsletters and handles all of our social media accounts!

Because dance careers tend to be limited to younger people, we anticipate that Natalie will take over our business at some point. She handles Kayla’s marketing too, and if it all goes right, the future of the Klinge Realty Group will be bi-coastal and continue for decades!

Attention realtors who don’t have kids taking over their business. We can help you!  When the times comes for you to exit the realtor business, we will buy your database, and take care of your people! Contact me when the time is right for you.

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