None of the pricing metrics are great but at least they demonstrate the trends over time. These graphs above are showing the latest data, including last month, and it’s all fairly positive….for now. With the extra inventory, buyers aren’t going to pay crazy money unless they see the perfect house. Sellers aren’t going to give them away though, so the trend for the rest of 2024 should be flat.

These graphs are interactive so scroll over to see the numbers.

There is extra unsold inventory but nobody is going to call this a flood, especially vs. 2019:

Sales will suffer as long as rates and prices are high. Have we gotten used to having fewer sales yet? The trend is going to last a while – probably for years to come:

Populations from the 2020 Census:

Carlsbad: 114,746

Encinitas: 62,007

Carmel Valley, 92130: 61,595

Rancho Santa Fe: 9,344

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