On Monday morning, these were the counts of active and pending listings between La Jolla and Carlsbad:

Actives: 312

Pendings: 149

This morning, the counts are:

Actives: 286 (-26)

Pendings: 164 (+15)

These are pre-Super Bowl numbers and it’s been pouring rain for a week!

What’s going to happen once we get into the more-traditional selling season of March, April, and May?

These blog posts are uploaded onto my LinkedIn page, and it was there yesterday that Carl asked what my crystal ball said about pricing this year.

It’s going to keep going up!

The houses that aren’t well presented and are sloppy on price are going to sit. But those that have something special about them, and/or are presented well and have an attractive price are going to find a buyer in the first week or two.

NSDCC Supporting Data:

2023 Median List Price: $2,199,000

2023 Median Sales Price: $2,157,500

January, 2024 Median List Price: $2,200,000

January, 2024 Median Sales Price: $2,275,000

The median list price of today’s 164 pendings: $2,499,950

Some buyers are getting deals, mostly on the scratch-and-dent homes where sellers and listing agents didn’t do much, if anything, to prepare the home for sale. But look at the January median sales price – it’s higher than the median list price!

Here we go again!

We are already on our way to a +10% increase in pricing – and it’s only the first week of February!

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