The gradual phasing out of buyer-agents is underway, and it shouldn’t be long now.

Zillow’s new format features the listing agent’s phone number under the main photo!

The three-headed agent display was removed and now when a reader clicks on the right side for Request a tour or Contact agent, they are linked to the Zillow call center instead. There they get processed/qualified on the phone by Zillow employees, sent to Zillow Mortgage, and then get assigned to an agent who is paying big money to Zillow for the privledge.

Buyers will figure it out pretty quick. By clicking on the right side, you get a 3rd party agent who isn’t the listing agent and has never been to the home. With the listing agent’s phone number now prominently displayed, it is inevitable that buyers will call the listing agent next time.

If they need a prompt, they will get one when they start clicking on the photos – which every viewer does immediately. This is what they will see now:

Yep – the listing agent is in the upper-left corner of every photo!

With the threat of buyers having to pay a buyer-agent a hefty commission out of pocket, it will be irresistible for them to contact the listing agent to see what they have to offer – in hopes of avoiding a separate payment due to a buyer-agent. The listing agents will be happy to oblige because they will already have their full fee packed into the listing side.

By the time the realtor lawsuits get resolved, it will be too late – there won’t be any need for a buyer-agent.

Zillow is offering a full marketing package to listing agents too.

Package Includes:

    • Listing Placement Boost on Zillow
    • HD Photography
    • Aerial Photography
    • Social Media Reel
    • 3D Tour
    • “NEW” AI Generated Interactive Floor Plan
    • Listing Website
    • Enhanced Listing Agent Branding
    • Capture New Leads From Your Zillow Profile

The Listing Placement Boost on Zillow?

Listing agents who purchase a marketing package will have their new listings displayed first in the home’s area for seven days – a very nice feature for agents looking to capture buyers for their listings.

While the rest of the industry was grumbling about lawsuits over the last few months, Zillow created a new format that will solve everything. But nobody knows what fee the listing agent charges because it is never disclosed to anyone but the seller – the person who just wants to hurry up and get their money.

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