While a surge in inventory next year would help to change the market dynamics, there isn’t any hard evidence of it happening yet:

How many would be considered a surge? If the number of new listings rose 10% or even 20%, would anyone notice? Probably not.

Using these November numbers, and adding an extra 20% would only get us back to last year’s total – which we thought was bleak then. but now I’d take it!

It would take a real bump to get buyers to step back and say, ‘hold on, I’m going to wait and see where this goes for a month or two’.

Let’s guess that it would take at least a 25% increase in new listings for buyers to pause.

I was asking around yesterday, but nobody had anything definite to report about their new-listings flow for next year. One agent thought that we’re going to see a lot of short sales though (???).

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