The six active listings in La Costa Valley got trimmed to five with Avenida Ciruela going into pending status, and four of the five actives had open house on Saturday! The weather was funky because a 50% chance of rain was forecasted early in the morning, but it never rained. The turnout was moderate (at best) however, and we had one threat of an offer.

We are the least-expensive of the bunch now, and should be the next to drop into the pending category just because of that – but you never know. Camino Serbal has gone quiet and is the one for sale that’s not doing open houses (after having three last weekend), so I think they must be close to a deal.

If we do get one or more offers and can make a deal in the next day or two, it will leave the three in the middle vying for the attention of the remaining buyers:

This is where it will get a little queasy with my sellers.

If we can get into escrow now, and then those three go down later, it might feel like we left money on the table if they end up closing for more. But they might not sell for those prices, or even sell at all.

We’re all in flight, hoping to navigate through a crowded space. Land the plane!

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