The local index is 11% lower than its peak in May.

The beauty about this market is that buyers don’t have to fight with the decision to buy now or wait. Because the inventory of quality homes is so thin, having to wait is baked in.

How often do buyers see a home for sale that interests them? Once a month, maybe?

The higher rates go, the more sellers will think it’s a bad time to sell – causing FEWER homes for sale.

It’s a big game of chicken, and you have to wonder if every buyer will get the memo to hold out. If renegade buyers keep paying retail for the premium properties, it spoils the whole idea of prices dropping.

Will higher rates cause better pricing on the homes you are willing to buy?

Don’t ask Jay Powell, because he doesn’t know. He said:

We are well aware that mortgage rates have moved up a lot.   And you are seeing a changing housing market.  We are watching it to see what will happen.

How much will it really affect residential investment?  Not really sure.

How much will it affect housing prices?  Not really sure.

Thanks Jay!

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