Just yesterday we see news that the housing inventory is already way higher than it was last year, and certain doom must be ahead.

But we can live with more houses laying around unsold, as long as at least some are selling to help give direction to all.

We can probably break it down to two categories:

  1. Is nothing selling, and doom is on the way?
  2. Or are just the creampuffs selling?

Here’s our first sales count of 2019.

NSDCC Detached-home Sales, January:

2014: 182

2015: 165

2016: 171

2017: 175

2018: 150

2019: 145

(as of 11am on 2/3)

Whoa now – I’ve been talking a 20% decline, and December sales were pointing that way. But by the time all of the sales get recorded onto the MLS, we should match last year’s January count, and probably do better!

It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

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