Over 100 people attended my open-house on Saturday, which goes to show you that the market is alive and well if you can get the right combination of house condition and price.

I don’t worry about being under-priced, because I know that my method of maximizing the turnout at an open-house extravaganza will ensure that we will find top dollar. In fact, I prefer to have dozens of people mingling around at the same time, putting the fear of loss into each attendee.

Because I am willing to give each buyer and agent a fair crack at buying the house, the process naturally evolves into a slow-motion auction. I have two written offers in hand, and hopefully more to come – but we won’t wait around for days or weeks to pick a winner because buyers cool off quickly.

Here’s a tour of what went right:

Here is the regular tour of the whole house:


The Zillow link to the listing:

Link to Listing

We’ll be there again today, 12-3pm!

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