It is a common want/need these days for buyers to desire a downstairs bedroom, either for guests, or the multi-gen groups.  It is a need that is likely to grow, just because it will take more of grandma’s money to afford a house!

But it’s not always clear if a house has a downstairs bedroom.

How can you tell?  Check the number of bathrooms.

Here is my guide for knowing when a listing includes a downstairs bedroom:

Two Bathrooms – YES.  Most likely a one-story house, but if it is clearly a two-story, then it must have at least one bedroom down because you won’t have two bathrooms upstairs, and none down.

Two-and-a-Half Bathrooms – NO. In a two-story house, you need two full bathrooms upstairs for parents and kids.  The remaining half-bath will be downstairs, which is not suitable for a bedroom.

Three Bathrooms – YES.  There has to be one bathroom downstairs, and if it is a full bath, there’s a reason for it – there is a bedroom down too.

More than Three Bathrooms – YES.  You are getting into the luxury homes now, and they will have at least one bedroom downstairs.

Yes, this is only a guide, and there could be exceptions.  But if a floor plan doesn’t conform to these guidelines, then it is one funky house (like the split-level).  You probably won’t like it anyway!

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