Mish suggested yesterday that the real estate market will end up the same as last time for many folks who are feeling pressured to buy now or be priced out forever.  He is probably right that there are buyers who don’t investigate enough and end up making bad decisions – get good help!

He was commenting on this Bloomberg article that cobbled together a bunch of unrelated quotes, and topped it off with the sexy headline:


Locally the inventory has seen a dramatic change – here are the number of NSDCC houses listed under $900,000 in the first seven months of the year:

# of New Listings Under $900K Jan-Jul

It has definitely been tough on the lower-end buyers, with prices rising rapidly over the last two years.  But buyers would be crazy to compromise on location – buy a smaller house or fixer instead, or just wait and see what happens.

Potential buyers who haven’t bought by now are exhausted. As soon as school starts, and the Chargers begin their Super Bowl run, buyers will have plenty of distractions, and demand will be visibly reduced.  There will be sellers who need to sell that will be disguised as over-priced turkeys too – make offers!

Reader elbarcosr left this comment:

And I am not sure anyone is yelling the buy now or be priced out forever bs anymore.  I *think* the prevailing wisdom is that with the gains over the last 24 months or so, prices are back to where they should be more or less, and given all the other factors, huge gains or dips are not really in the cards.  So if you want to buy a house to live in, go for it.  Speculating on big short-term price appreciation at this point is folly — as is waiting for a big dip in prices.  Put 20% down, grab your 4% 30 year fixed loan, and be happy.

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