There is a chance that disruption could be upon us.

Reader Booty Juice said today said that since he bought his house 30 years ago, the transaction process hasn’t changed a bit.  It hasn’t – sellers still pay a full commission for two agents to figure out how to get to the finish line.

Is it possible that Zillow could make the MLS obsolete, and cause a sea change in how real estate is sold?

Let’s test it every chance we get.

I inputted a ‘Coming Soon’ listing this morning, and it has had 162 views in the first 12 hours – most of which were probably buyers, not agents.

The new Paragon MLS allegedly has a listing counter too.  I’m inputting the new listing now, and will try to track how many views happen through the MLS.  My guess is that Zillow views will exceed the MLS.

Here’s how it looks on video:


Open Tuesday 4-6pm, and Wednesday 10-12:30 and 4-6pm!

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