Here is the average LP/SP $-per-sf of detached properties sold in North SD County Coastal:

Period LP $/sf SP $/sf

But the recent action has been startling – last week the average LP-per-sf of the 52 pendings was $461.35. 

Click here Pendings between Feb 28 – March 6 for the list,  and you’ll see that several long-time-listed properties opened escrow last week, and others with head-shaking list prices. 

Yes, it doesn’t mean anything until they are closed. 

But if buyers see and hear that “prices” are going up, it won’t help their anxiety level. 


  • It’s become a binary, “yes or no” decision.  If they like the house, they buy it, with less concern about working to get a great deal, and more concern with ending the search.
  • “Quality” ranks much higher than “great price”.  The most-expensive house in the tract is more likely to sell than the cheapest (see the last one on the attached list).
  • Listing agents are exceedingly over-confident, and not willing to deal.

The shortage of quality inventory is the cause, and with buyers gravitating towards the best available, there is a scramble to snatch them up – all while the dogs and OPTs lie around untouched.  In a few months we may be hearing of higher prices and lower sales, which will really set the pundits on their ear!

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