There is more hub-bub at cnbc about December being full of distressed sales.

NAR had reported that 36% of December sales nationally were REOs and short sales, and the new report from Campbell Surveys said 47%.

How about North San Diego County Coastal?

December Detached Sales and Price-per-SF:

Type 2009 2010
REO 25/$295 18/$320
SS 17/$267 19/$315
Reg. 197/$428 167/$400
Totals 239/$403 204/$385

No change year-over-year in NSDCC – an identical 18% of December sales were distressed.

Overall, the YOY sales were down 15%, and pricing down 4%, but when you look around, or talk to some of these listing agents, you’d think it was 2005 all over again!

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