The enthusiasm continues throughout the North San Diego County Coastal region, with new pendings continuing to impress.  The doubters will shrug them off, but the active sellers will think their turn is next.  Things would need to come to a standstill to really put a scare into the elective sellers; and so long as they see a few sales trickle in, they’ll resist getting their price right (lower).

But you know by now that many active listings, especially those more than 30 days stale, haven’t been shown in so long that the occupants don’t even bother to clean up every morning.  Expect the slogfest to drag on ’til springtime, when sellers will goose their price the extra 5% or so to make up.

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Jim the Realtor
Jim is a long-time local realtor who comments daily here on his blog, which began in September, 2005. Stick around!

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