Let’s keep a running tally of new pendings/contingents up to April 30th, to see if there is a last-minute surge to buy before the housing-tax-credit deadline.

Detached listings:

Listing Status All SD NSDCC
ACT 6,610 1,396
PEND 3,901 425
CONT 2,557 157
SOLD, Last 30 days 1,636/$252psf 221/$376psf
SOLD, Last 60 3,433/$248psf 417/$383psf
SOLD, last 90 4,782/$245psf 555/$383psf

A pricing convergence; the all-county trend is upward, while north coastal pricing is coming down. The Active-to-Pending/Cont ratio is cooking in both; 1.02 in the county, and 2.40 in north coastal.

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