Eric at the North County Times mentioned the increase in Bank of America notices of trustee sale being sent out.  Click here for link to full article. 

The notices went to 230 homeowners in North San Diego County, a 69 percent increase from February.

Wow, will there will be more SFR short sales or REOs in North SD County Coastal?

There were 22 new notices sent out in February, and 23 in March to SFR borrowers from Carlsbad to La Jolla – not quite a meltdown yet.  There are also some familiar faces on the lists as well, and we won’t count those as new meat.

Here are the lists:

February 2010 Recon NOTS NSDCC

March 2010 Recon NOTS NSDCC

We could all use some more inventory – keep ’em coming!

Added later, the chart from Effective Demand, click on it twice for clarity:

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