Is the new year bringing more REOs to market?

Though everyone wants to “steal one from the bank”, if you’re looking to buy in North SD County Coastal (Carlsbad-to-La Jolla), you’ll find few opportunities to snag an REO sale.

Have there been more REO listings coming on the market in 2010?

Detached 2010 REO listings 2010 Total listings REO Percentage
All SD County
NSDC Coastal

No flood yet.  What’s the difference in pricing?

Detached 2010 REO listings 2010 Total listings
All SD County
NSDC Coastal

Buyers see the REO listings, and dig the improved pricing – but there aren’t enough to go around.  We don’t necessarily need more REO inventory, just more REO-type pricing on regular listings.

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Jim the Realtor
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