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Contest for 4 Padres Tickets

Let’s have a contest for Padres tickets!

Guess the sales price of Matt Kemp’s house being auctioned April 20th with no reserve!  He paid $9,075,000 in 2013, and it has been listed for $11,500,000.

The person with the closest guess will receive 4 tickets to a Padres game!

From the

“[The auction] is going to be a better route for bringing legitimate interest to the property,” said Nartey, the director of sports entertainment division at Compass. “It’s an opportunity for someone to get an asset for less than its actually worth.”

The “asset” in question includes a 15,884-square-foot main house, a tennis court and an infinity-edge swimming pool on about 4 acres of grounds. A separate pool/guest house holds a gym and a roman spa.

Features of the home, which Kemp has spent about $3 million to update, include custom travertine floors, a cigar lounge with a humidor and a 1,200-bottle wine cellar with a tasting room. A custom home theater is outfitted with tiered seating and a snack bar.

Here is the Zillow listing:

Here it is on the auction website:

Leave your guess in the comments section!

The Trophy at The Heritage | Concierge Auctions


  1. I don’t have any statistical analysis to back this up and I’m too lazy to research, but I think the high end market in the middle of nowhere is dying. Not to mention limited buyers at this pocket change price. And he’s not famous enough to warrant any special consideration. Get your haircut – 9.21 mil.

  2. guessing $7.875M.

  3. Well, let’s see. He’s been trying to sell it since December 2016 for $11.5 Million and no takers. So, he paid $9,075,000 in 2013, a month before it was trying to sell for an even $12,000,000, but no takers until his bid of $9.075 one month later.

    So, factor in 4% appreciation per year since 2013, add it to the purchase price in 2013 and my guess is that it will sell for: $10,527,000

  4. $8,925,000. (Like CJ says: Get a buzz cut!)

    Kemp was traded to the Braves with a cash contribution of $10.5 million in July, 2016. He won’t be remembered in San Diego, only in LA where he was with Dodgers for nine years. Bet he wants to unload the property because he’s been in Atlanta for 18+ months.

    I’d love the Padres tickets–especially when the Dodgers’ Kershaw is pitching.

    But the REAL reason I want to win is I’d love to meet JtR.

    PS *Wink* Jim,if I win, you’d get to meet “Mystery Man!

  5. I heard golf was dead, so I’m going with $9.4 million.

  6. Susie, I picked up on the MM but didn’t know if I should say anything. I hope you win!

  7. Me too, JtR! If I do, can I travel around with you for a hour or two while you videotape on the street? *Blush* It’s kinda on my bucket list…

  8. Susie – I’m doing it every day so all you have to do is come for a visit!

  9. The pool off to side of the house and the master up are fatal flaws. $7.35mm.

  10. $9.5 million 🙂 just a guess

  11. WAG: 9.75. The Padres will be the single worst team in the NL west this year but Petco still has the best food + beer of any MLB stadium!!

  12. The highest sale ever in Poway, besides his $9,075,000?

    $4,500,000 in 2005, which resold again in 2011 for $3,700,000.

    This auction company has had a terrific success rate in RSF, where they have sold three over $10 million. But Poway is a long ways from the Ranch.

  13. With all due respect, the house next door just sold for $252 a foot. Three doors down is on the market at $320 a foot, and has been sitting for a year. Just because somebody overpays for something, doesn’t mean the next guy has to (in Baseball and Real Estate). I’ll give him around $270 a foot plus $500k for the oversized corner lot and a million for the extra empty lot. $5.7 mil.

    Btw, the moneyed folks with 10+ mil to spend are not gonna buy into a neighborhood where they are going to be surrounded by peasants buying in for 2.5. Sports guys are the obvious exception.

  14. Wouldn’t be the first guy to lose money in real estate. But sorta irrelevant if it really is a ‘no reserve’ auction (which I doubt).

  15. It will be a ‘no reserve’ auction, but it’ll have a higher opening bid – which provides the same protection.

  16. Promise, JtR?

    Even if I don’t win, we can still put “Visit San Diego” on our to-do list.. especially if you know when the Dodgers’ Kershaw will be mowing down your Padres! (Kershaw’s last spring training game in AZ: 6 scoreless innings, 2-hitter, 11 strikeouts, walked and stole 2nd base). My friend was lucky enough to see it.

    PS *Chuckle* Can I guess more than once? No one else has to know…

  17. Bode, I beg to differ! Best beer and game experience is at Coors Field (Colorado Rockies) in Denver. So many craft beers on tap and the burgers are extraordinary! They have a standing room area by the beers you can get in for only $5 and watch the entire game.

    I asked my son (who lives in Boulder) why it’s always packed even though Rockies aren’t competitive. He chuckled and said: “People don’t come for the baseball game, they come for the experience!”

    All I know is every time I fly down to Boulder and catch a game with my kids, my Dodgers always beat my son’s Rockies…

  18. 7.9 Million would be my guess, heritage is nice but not that nice.

  19. 6.9 M if he is lucky.

  20. 6.5 miilion. There are just very few buyers in this price range looking to live in Poway.

  21. 4.2 million. Based on comps since the neighbor had a similar auction and only sold for 2.5M. If size matters than maybe sell for more but its all about location location and Poway is not screaming location.

  22. I’m deleting my original guess, Jim…because that’s what it was. A pure guess! 🙂

    Upon further reflection, location is everything. Massive homes like this one just aren’t that coveted-especially in that location. What Kemp bought it for in 2013, nor the fact he added $3M in “upgrades” is irrelevant. He’s hoping another buyer will do what he did in 2013: buy too high. Now he hopes to unload it and play his final MLB games on the other coast.

    $7,050 million (and not a penny more!)

  23. Ahem, party foul.

  24. I betting on 8,000,0001!

  25. Won one of your contests so watch out!


  26. I’ll take a shot… $6,519,300

  27. Ok here goes…


  28. Here we go…$9,100,000

  29. I’m in… $5,900,000.

  30. Mike M – $8,800,000

  31. Jim, I will guess $4.735mm.

    BUT, question — WHY did he spend $9mm in the first place? That is almost sad to me — as if he was taken advantage of in some way by poor financial advice. He overpaid by many millions (not just a couple or 1), then went and put another $3mm into it, OMG. In Poway. Nothing adds up, literally.

    See you at the Padre game. Warning, I drink a lot (beer included, right???).

  32. BAM – He took the Padres for $30 million+, so maybe it’s even?

  33. $8,888,888.88
    I don’t know it for a fact…I just know it’s true!

  34. I’m saying $6,200,000!

    -Nick LB

  35. Let’s try $7,423,200 or a round £6,000,000 in real money 😉

  36. I’ll say 9.8 mil

  37. Not sure about real state just throwing it out there. 10,000,200.00

  38. I’m guessing 10,500,000. Things have been crazy, so maybe it might just sell this high.

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