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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Market Conditions, North County Coastal, Short Sales, Thinking of Buying?, Thinking of Selling? | 14 comments | Print Print

Holiday Cheer

It’s the week of Thanksgiving – thanks for being here!

On September 27th when the comments went off, I thought we’d lose a third of the audience.

Over the last thirty days we’ve had only 13% fewer unique visitors than during the 30 days prior to September 27th.  The visits and page views are down 20% and 38% respectively, which I think is a result of readers taking a more casual involvement here, which is good.  I appreciate you being here – check in every few days for an update!

Bubbleinfo’s Google Analytics Aug 29 – Sept 27

Bubbleinfo’s Google Analytics Oct 19 – Nov 18

With the market in such unprecedented territory, readers continue to request a wider perspective.  We want to hear eveyone’s thoughts about what they are seeing out there!  Having a moderator is the happy compromise where I don’t have to drop everything to respond to a comment.  If you can live with occasional delays in seeing your comment posted, then this should work for everybody.



The ACT/CONT+PEND count was 844/563 on October 21st. Today it is 768/545, which means there hasn’t been much holiday drop-off in sales. Let’s separate out the higher-end stats to appreciate how active the market is below – sizzling hot:

NSDCC House Listings # of ACT LP Avg $/sf # of CONT/PEND LP Avg $/sf
Under $1.25M
Over $1.25M

Here is the breakdown of the contingents and pendings – the upper crust appears to be pretty comfortable, with only 18 short-sales in the works:

NSDCC House Listings # of CONT LP Avg $/sf # of PEND LP Avg $/sf
Under $1.25M
Over $1.25M

Deal-seekers will be sorry to see them go, but it looks like short sales are winding down. The underwater folks have to be itching to stick around another year or two to see if they might re-gain their equity.  At this stage, it seems irresistible for them to wait-and-see!


  1. Glad to see comments back on.

    From our perspective, definitely more energy in the air. In Oct we shot about twice the homes as 2011, and this month so far has been similarly busy.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I think offering moderated comments is a great way to go and I agree that a wider perspective is not only helpful, but also interesting.


  3. You have to have something really wrong to not be selling in this market.

    I get these incessant calls from listing agents wanting “feedback” on their listings (they get notified every time an agent uses the lockbox).

    I got one today on a $1.3-million house that I liked, and wondered why it wasn’t selling. I asked “Have you had offers?”

    The response: “Well, yes.”

    That’s it, no other explanation or excuses why she couldn’t put a deal together. I said that I might show it again, and she’ll know if she sees my name on the lockbox log.

    She says, “Well call me if you are going to show it, because the sellers don’t want just anybody going in there”. Then she abruptly hangs up the phone.

    I don’t call agents first to show their vacant houses, what is there to talk about? I’ll call you if I’m going to sell it.

    I got the feeling that she was just letting me know that she didn’t appreciate me looking at her vacant listing which has been sitting there for months not selling…..without calling her first.

    If it weren’t for the pathetic sales skills in realtors, the market would be even hotter.


  4. Love being able to comment; so much I see here that I want to be able to discuss.

    That said… I’m not sure it’ll end up working for you Jim, because even though we may not see the trolling you still will, and you wear your heart on your sleeve.


  5. Hurrah! Thanks for turning blog comments back on, I’ve enjoyed reading them over the years and think they add to the value your blog provides.

    Have a terrific Thanksgiving. 😀


  6. Hi Jim,

    As a LONG Time reader, I really missed the comments but totally understood if they took too much of your time.

    Thanks for turning them back on. Your site feels like more of a community with everyone’s involvement.

    Hope the moderation works out well.



  7. yes….the comments are back!

    the trolls can really mess things up but some of the regulars do post some great comments and that makes your site feel like a community.


  8. That said… I’m not sure it’ll end up working for you Jim, because even though we may not see the trolling you still will, and you wear your heart on your sleeve.

    I’ll be OK.

    I never took the shots personally, but it bugs me that people try to publically disrupt my business on my own blog after all the work I put in. Moderating should be the answer.

    Another contributing factor? One day I counted that there were more commenters who bought or sold their house with another agent, than commenters who used me.

    I have trouble calibrating that one.

    One of the commenters above has been here a long time; a contest winner here, etc. One day he announces here that he bought his house with another agent, and had an OK experience.

    Not only was I flat out not considered to be his agent – no interview or phone call – but he has the audacity to come back here and report on his experience with a different agent.

    This has happened so many times that I am befuddled to explain it, other than people must just think this is some public forum where they can read and comment about the real estate market and some mystery man behind the curtain produces it all.

    I said when the comments went off that I am in this to sell houses, and that I would be pitching my services more. I must have a dozen promotional videos in the can, but I couldn’t upload them. I’d rather just hope that people recognize that I’m here to demonstrate my abilities, and take me up on them.


  9. I have missed the comments on this blog. You have some smart readers and part of the fun of reading your blog was also reading what others had to say.


  10. Good to see the comments on again. 🙂

    Do you have any suggestions for a structural engineer? I want to redo a load bearing wall in my house that a previous owner took out but didn’t do correctly.


  11. Yowzah… comments are back!


  12. Glad to see the comments are back on – your commentary and answers to questions are part of what we all enjoy!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  13. Thanks for turning the comments back on. I’m also a longtime reader, and I have missed the commentary and feedback. It really adds to the flavor of your site. I’m sorry to hear of the indiscretion of your reader(s) in choosing a different realtor…and then discussing it. Chalk it up to ignorance.

    I was just wearing my t-shirt yesterday. I get many positive comments/questions about it when I wear it here in OC. Keep up the great work…I tell many people about you and your blog.



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