It’s the week of Thanksgiving – thanks for being here!

On September 27th when the comments went off, I thought we’d lose a third of the audience.

Over the last thirty days we’ve had only 13% fewer unique visitors than during the 30 days prior to September 27th.  The visits and page views are down 20% and 38% respectively, which I think is a result of readers taking a more casual involvement here, which is good.  I appreciate you being here – check in every few days for an update!

Bubbleinfo’s Google Analytics Aug 29 – Sept 27

Bubbleinfo’s Google Analytics Oct 19 – Nov 18

With the market in such unprecedented territory, readers continue to request a wider perspective.  We want to hear eveyone’s thoughts about what they are seeing out there!  Having a moderator is the happy compromise where I don’t have to drop everything to respond to a comment.  If you can live with occasional delays in seeing your comment posted, then this should work for everybody.



The ACT/CONT+PEND count was 844/563 on October 21st. Today it is 768/545, which means there hasn’t been much holiday drop-off in sales. Let’s separate out the higher-end stats to appreciate how active the market is below – sizzling hot:

NSDCC House Listings # of ACT LP Avg $/sf # of CONT/PEND LP Avg $/sf
Under $1.25M
Over $1.25M

Here is the breakdown of the contingents and pendings – the upper crust appears to be pretty comfortable, with only 18 short-sales in the works:

NSDCC House Listings # of CONT LP Avg $/sf # of PEND LP Avg $/sf
Under $1.25M
Over $1.25M

Deal-seekers will be sorry to see them go, but it looks like short sales are winding down. The underwater folks have to be itching to stick around another year or two to see if they might re-gain their equity.  At this stage, it seems irresistible for them to wait-and-see!

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